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The Briars Golf Club Ladies Woodstock Golf Tournament


Posted on Jul 25, 2017


Love Peace Joy and Golf…

The Briars Golf Club in Jackson’s Point, on the shores of Lake Simcoe hosted their Ladies Member Guest Golf Tournament Woodstock style on Friday July 21st. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, not a cloud in the sky. “We must have a in with Mother Nature, It’s always a beautiful day at The Briars.” Steve Grass, Head Golf Professional said.

briars 9

They day started by bringing us back to 1969 Woodstock with golfers, carts and the course dressed Woodstock style. Rumer has it there was a “STREAKER” at shot gun. But what happens at The Briars “STAYS AT THE BRIARS” Frank Campanelli, General Manager said.

Briar's Golf Tournament

The Briars Golf Club is a scenic, rustic and calming course located on the south shore of Lake Simcoe, less than 1 hour from Toronto. Established in 1922, this Stanley Thompson/Robbie Robinson collaboration is a mature, classic layout offering 4 sets of tees to provide members and guests of any skill level with an exceptional golfing experience.

The Briars Woodstock Golf Tournament The Briars Ladies Golf Tournament The Briars Ladies Golf Tournament

I would recommend the Briars to every level of golfer and anyone looking for friendly people to golf with. The course may be old but its character makes it a true destination and one of a kind.

The Briars Golf Tournament

With friendly staff and an incredible group, NewRoads was more the happy to sponsor this tournament. NewRoads is always looking for great opportunities to support events that bring people together. What better way to do that then to experience Woodstock!

NewRoads Jeep

The Briars Golf Tournament

I would like to thank Caird Urquhart for inviting NewRoads to be a part of this groovy and far out day and look forward to seeing what these creative ladies are planning next!

NewRoads Automotive Group

I would also like to thank our NewRoads Crew Michael, Ian, Jordan, Linda, Michelle, Aaron, Robby, Sean, David, Kevin, Paul and Mike for helping to make this day an incredible success. To learn more about the NewRoads Community Crew and where you might find them next visit www.newroads.ca/community.


Bradford Bypass Connecting Link Update


Posted on Jun 12, 2017

Read our first Bradford Bypass update here http://www.newroads.ca/blog/bradford-bypass-update-highway-400-404-connector/


For more than a decade, both the provincial government and residents of the north GTA have discussed the possibility of building a bypass that would connect two major Ontario highways – the 404 and 400 – north of Newmarket. Despite initial plans, the project (which become known as “the Bradford Bypass”) failed to materialize. However, the highway (which is now being called the “Connecting Link”) recently got one step closer to becoming a reality when it was officially added to the province’s updated Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe region on May 18, following a strong push by the public throughout 2016.


Bradford Bypass Hwy 400 to Hwy 404

According to the Town of East Gwillimbury website, “the Highway 400–404 Connecting Link is a proposed 16.2 kilometre, four-lane controlled access highway that will provide an east-west connection between Highway 400 in Bradford West Gwillimbury and Highway 404 in the Town of East Gwillimbury” that would help to “alleviate congestion on east-west corridors across the Holland Marsh” and “provide an alternative path from eastern Toronto and eastern Greater Toronto Area to Barrie and the rest of the Simcoe area.”


If approved, the Connecting Link would come as a response to the significant population and infrastructure growth that has occurred in the York Region and Simcoe County areas over the past few years. From 2006-2016, there was a population increase of over 20 per cent in York Region, and an increase of nearly 18 percent in Simcoe County*. The Growth Plan projects that the population of each area will rise by hundreds of thousands by the year 2041, and that the amount of jobs in the regions will increase drastically over this time. Approximately 50 per cent of York Region residents currently commute to other regions for their jobs, according to the Town of East Gwillimbury. The highway link would help to alleviate what is currently is, and is expected to be, heavy traffic during rush hours as people commute to and from the surrounding area for work. It would also aid in the development of businesses in the area which in turn would boost the economies of the respective regions.


There are currently no timelines in place for construction and completion of the Connecting Link, however a provincial environmental assessment is already underway.


We will keep you updated on the progress of the project.


*All figures are from Statistics Canada http://www.statcan.gc.ca



404 Highway Extension Project


Posted on Feb 10, 2014

404 Highway Extension Photo


Today I was talking to a customer that drives from Keswick in to get her oil changed at our dealership and she explained how excited she is to finally see the 404 expansion finished.  She’s so excited about the time it will save her on the days she drives here to Newmarket.


The 13 kilometre 404 highway extension to Ravenshoe Road is scheduled to be open in August of this year. this extension was first approved in 1992 however it has taken over 20 years to complete. Greatly anticipated, it will provide much needed convenience for commuters for the residents of Keswick and surrounding areas.

While delays over the past two decades have hindered the expansion it is a relief to know it will finally be completed and provide 13 kilometers of four-lane highway consisting of three interchanges, four bridges, seven large culverts for drainage and wildlife crossings, 10 storm water management ponds, three carpool lots and a convenient road to take when traveling to NewRoads.