Vehicle Service Tips


Identifying the warning signs and getting your battery checked could save you from a more costly repair down the road. The service experts at your dealership test your battery’s health with leading-edge diagnostic equipment.


If your battery is more than 5 years old, or if you’re experiencing one of the warning signs listed below, bring your vehicle in for service.


- You hear clicking or buzzing when you turn the ignition

- Your vehicle has trouble or is slow starting

- The eye (if equipped) on your battery is dark or clear
Common causes for battery failure include:

- Loss of electrolyte due to age, under hood heat or overcharging
- Leaving your lights on
- Undercharging or loose alternator belt
- Excessive vibration (loose hold-down or mounting)
- Using tap water for electrolyte
- Corrosion
- Freezing




Our Goodwrench 30-Day Tire Price Match Guarantee


NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC will match the competition's prices!  We welcome our neighbouring communities such as Bradford, Aurora, Keswick etc. to stop and and experience our award-winning NewRoads Service team!


Buy any of the following tire brands: BFGOODRICH, BRIDGESTONE, CONTINENTAL, DUNLOP, FIRESTONE, GENERAL, GOODYEAR, HANKOOK, KELLY, MICHELIN, PIRELLI, UNIROYAL and if you find a better price within 30 days of the purchase, we’ll refund the difference.


And remember, our Goodwrench Service experts know your vehicle inside and out - from tires and brakes to lube, oil and filter changes, and more.


Additional details:



  • The price match applies to the brands listed above
  • Brands not carried by your Goodwrench Service dealer will not be guaranteed for a price match




  • The competitive price you find must be in a valid ad, written estimate, or Internet quote for identical, new tires
  • The tires must be an exact match in brand, tire line, size, load rating and speed rating to be eligible for the price match guarantee
  • Internet quotes are eligible from local tire retailers only within an 80 km radius of NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
  • The competitive price must come from a local competing tire retailer and installer (with a physical location within 80 km of NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC)
  • The competitive price must be valid within 30 days of your purchase of any of the tire brands listed above




  • The price match guarantee is only valid on the tire price and does not include installation





WARNING SIGN: Excessive inner or outer edge tire tread wear
SOLUTION: Alignment Service


WARNING SIGN: Excessive centre or shoulder tread wear
SOLUTION: Proper Tire Inflation


WARNING SIGN: Patchy tread wear patterns
SOLUTION: Tire Balancing Service


WARNING SIGN: Diagonal tread wear patterns
SOLUTION: Tire Rotation / Alignment Service


WARNING SIGN: Visible tread wear indicators in a few spots around the tire
SOLUTION: Requires Tire Replacement


WARNING SIGN: Cord or fabric is showing through the rubber
SOLUTION: Requires Tire Replacement


WARNING SIGN: The tire has a bulge or is split
SOLUTION: Requires Tire Replacement


WARNING SIGN: The tire is punctured, cut or has irreparable damage
SOLUTION: Requires Tire Replacement


WARNING SIGN: Wheel (Rim) is bent, cracked or badly rusted or corroded
SOLUTION: Wheel (Rim) Replacement


WARNING SIGN: The nuts keep coming loose
SOLUTION: Wheel (Rim) Replacement


WARNING SIGN: The wheel/rim leaks air
SOLUTION: Wheel (Rim) Replacement