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Why limit yourself to one dealership? Choose from our group of dealerships all within 18 kms.

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Customize the deal from your couch with the accessories and coverage you want.

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New Car. New Experience.
There’s a new road when it comes to buying a car in York Region. One that’s simpler, more convenient, less stressful and more transparent.
Not So Secret Pricing

What if you found you bought the same car as your neighbour but they paid $1,000 less? That’s not right. That’s why we invented Not So Secret Pricing. We use live data from TradePending to find exactly what each used make and model is being sold for in your area then give you a fair price. That way you'll start off with a fair price, saving you the time and hassle.

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Unexpected Coverage

We understand that life’s road is full of unexpected turns. A blown tire, a stolen vehicle, an accident or loss of employment. That’s why NewRoads has you covered with protection for your ride that you won’t get from other dealers.

  • 1 year protection against life’s unexpected events with Walkaway
  • 3 year protection for tires and rims
  • 3 year anti-theft protection
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We’ve received numerous awards over the years by caring about more than just a car or truck sale. We’re committed community members in York Region and have won awards for business excellence, customer satisfaction, and being an active and charitable member of the community.

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Use our online trade-in tool to take a few pictures, answer a few questions and bingo, you see what your old car is worth in a few minutes.

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Test Own

A quick test-drive around the block is the old way of car buying. If the fit of your new car is not feeling quite right, bring it back within 7 days and we’ll exchange it for something more suitable.

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