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2012 Buick Verano Blog

I will admit that I am guilty of it, just as many of you are. I’m talking about stereotyping certain vehicles to certain age groups.


I used to think that a Buick would be driven by someone my Grandfathers age, or at least my fathers age. In my head I picture them driving this full size car to the golf course or maybe to Bingo. This is all about to change, and you truly have to see it to believe it.


Buick is introducing the all new Verano for 2012. The Verano is really in a class all by itself, and I literally mean you can’t really compare it to very much. Let me explain why.


The Verano is in the compact luxury class. Buick finally realized that many Canadians are looking for compact cars, either due to budget, fuel consumption, or a variety of other reasons. So what other cars could be considered compact luxury? BMW 1-series, Volvo C30, Audi A3, and Acura CSX. Another competitor used to be the VW Jetta, however they have dropped the price along with a redesign to make it more affordable but less luxurious. The BMW, Volvo, and Audi all are priced well above the Verano, which makes it out of reach for some people who want affordable luxury. While the Acura CSX is in the same price range as the Verano, you really can’t compare the standard features, but I will get to that later.


So just how compact is the Verano? For those of you who have seen the Chevrolet Cruz, it is only slightly larger. What makes it luxury? That’s a long list. To start with it has a 2.4L Ecotec engine kicking out 180hp and 171 lb.ft of torque, almost 30hp more than the CSX and whopping 31 lb.ft of more torque. It comes standard with 6 speed automatic, that’s right standard. Like listening to your iPod? The Verano has a standard USB port just for that reason. It also comes with 10 standard air bags, 4 more than what the competitors offer. Also standard is automatic climate control, or dual zone is an option. That’s a handy feature if you’re like me and have a significant other that is on the other end of the temperature spectrum. Hands get cold in the winter? No problem, the Verano has an optional heated steering wheel. If you opt for the leather seating you will get the same leather that is in the LaCrosse, which is about as comfortable as you can get while still maintaining durability. As with all GM vehicles, it has standard OnStar. Why is this an important feature? Well if you’ve ever locked your keys in your car you know how much of a hassle that can be. With OnStar, one quick call and they will open the doors for you. You’re well protected with 10 air bags, but what if you’re in a collision and can’t call for help? OnStar will call for you as they monitor the severity of the crash based on many factors. If you’re Verano is stolen don’t worry, OnStar can disable it and help the authorities locate it for you. There really is a lot more OnStar can do for you, but this article is about the Verano, maybe my next one will be dedicated to OnStar.


The last topic I will talk about that makes this car luxury is quietness. The Verano has what is called Quiet Tuning, so what exactly is this? The Buick engineers inserted liquid sound deadening material in virtually every spot possible, every door has a triple seal and extra compression gaskets on the leading and lower edges, and there is acoustic laminated glass in the windshield as well as the front driver and passenger window. That’s just for starters. The Verano has been called the quietest car they have ever driven by some critics. You will really notice when you take it for a test drive and roll down the window to let the real world sounds in, then roll your window back up, and there it is, silence.


The Verano appeals to the younger generations with sleek sporty lines, an aggressive engine, and blow the doors off available sound system. It also has “baby blue eyes”, a blue halo that surrounds the headlight lamps, and blue ambient lighting in the interior which make it look “younger”.


You have to take one for a test drive to really appreciate what the Verano has to offer in luxury and a smooth quiet ride. For those of you in the market for a compact luxury vehicle you really need to come see a Buick Verano, you won’t be disappointed.


Sorry Grandpa this is my Buick…


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