2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab Review

2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
By Joe Duarte, Toronto Sun
There are some among us who cannot fathom the use of a small pickup truck. Whether they need it for work or just because they like to look over every other vehicle on the road, the three-quarter or full-ton pickup is the only one that counts. For those people, there’s a Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD.
Actually, that model Silverado will only appeal to Chevy loyalists, because pickup truck buyers are probably the most loyal in the world.
I could sit here and write about how much better the Silverado 2500HD is than the Ford Super Duty F-250 or the Ram 2500, and the Chevy people would think to themselves “Damn straight,” while the Ford and Ram loyalists would think “This guy’s hauling a bedload of crap.”
And the Chevy people are reading this to validate their beliefs while the Ford and Ram people are anticipating the Chevy falling on its shiny face.
It’s a no win situation for writers when evaluating full-sized pickups, so I’ll just say that if big things come in small packages, then humongous things come in big packages.
The Chevy Silverado 2500HD is big. Not just big as in full-sized, but big as in massive. Everything about it is big – big grille, big bulging hood, big doors, big roomy seats front and rear, big bed (which is nearly full width, unlike a competitor who has innovative bed-wall storage that noticeably narrows the bed width). Big, big, big.
It’s got a big engine, too – 6.6-litres of Duramax diesel V8 with enough torque (765 lb.-ft. of enough) to not only yank out stumps, it will probably yank down the tree in order to avoid pulling out the stump. Power is sent to either the rear axle or both front and rear axles by an Allison six-speed automatic (that’s the one that reportedly goes into tanks … the 2500 HD could probably haul a tank, too). The transfer case is a dial on the dash. Remember the days when you had to get out of the cabin and turn a little dial on the front wheel hubs to make sure the wheels would turn with the axle when you were in four wheel drive mode? Same principle on this truck, except that the little dial is on the dash.
The Silverado 2500HD is shiny too – chrome grille, chrome bumpers, chrome running boards, chrome wheels. About the biggest challenge I encounter is taking pictures without finding myself in the shot (and I’m sure you’ll see me in a couple photos). Yep, even worse than trying to climb up into the sucker (which admittedly is not an issue with the pillar mounted handles and running boards). Yep, even worse than loading up 1,000 kg worth of stuff to take to the dump. Yep, even worse than climbing up into the bed to push all the trash out.
The latest presents a bit of conundrum – the Ford has a pull out step and a fold-down grab handle to help you step up, but the function gets in the way of practicality (you have to park farther away from dumpster; you have to fold the pole back down; etc. It’s not a problem, if you absolutely must have it, but for somebody new to the feature, it takes a bit getting used to.
But despite its hugeness, the Silverado HD is a pretty comfortable vehicle, and not just in terms of space. The rear seat is roomier than that of some stretch limos, but it’s also nicely padded so you don’t actually feel as if you’re riding in a truck (except for the tell-tale signs, such as the grinding engine and pitchy ride). If you need a place to stow some things out of the elements, the rear seat bottoms easily fold up to create a pretty high and wide interior cargo hold.
The Silverado 2500HD will cart away pretty much anything you need to take. And why not? When you got the size, everything else is easy.
Fact file:
2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab
Trim level: LTZ
Price as tested (before taxes): $68,080
Options on test vehicle: Duramax diesel engine ($9,670); Z71 pkg. ($1,115) inc. skid plates, power heated auto-dimming outside mirrors with turn signals, forged aluminum wheels, full size spare; LTZ trim pkg. ($730) inc.: rear parking assist, power adjustable pedals, driver position memory.
Freight/PDI: $1,495
Configuration: front engine/ four-wheel drive
Engine/transmission: 6.6L turbo V8/ 6-spd. automatic
Power/torque: (397 hp/ 765 lb.-ft.)
Fuel (capacity): Diesel (136L)
Fuel economy ratings: not rated
Observed economy: 14.2 L/100km over 512 km
Warranties: 3 years/ 60,000 km (basic); 5 years/ 160,000 km (powertrain).
Competitors: Ford Super Duty F-250; Ram 2500.
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