2014 Kia Cadenza Review

Photo 2014 Kia Cadenza Review
With its luxurious interior quality, sleek driving experience and top notch safety features the new Kia Cadenza is the sedan drivers have been dreaming of for years. The fresh, heavily detailed interior disguises the Cadenza as a sports sedan, even though it isn’t. Not only does the Cadenza drive smoother than any sedan available, but its appealing exterior design sets the bar high for sedans in the market.
The Cadenza blows away competition in various aspects of performance. Drivers have confidence in the quick acceleration and easy braking system the sedan offers. Additionally, drivers have complete control of the gears with steering-wheel paddle-shifters designed to improve safety. The sedan is ideal for families who desire a luxurious vehicle but can’t afford the price tag associated with most luxury sedans.
Perhaps the best aspect of the Cadenza is the features it possesses. Along with the lavish Nappa leather seats and panoramic sunroof, the Cadenza comes equipped with a ventilated driver’s seat as well as heated seats and steering wheel.  And for those drivers who hate busy traffic, the Cadenza’s navigation system offers distinct map displays with smooth scrolling and zooming. Also, live traffic warnings alert drivers of avoidable areas and can save valuable time in your already hectic lives.
The Kia Cadenza is a smart purchase for any customer seeking a new sedan. Its high quality interior features, reassuring safety controls and efficient fuel economy provide numerous benefits to all sedan hunters. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing the new Kia Cadenza.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger