The 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Games | What to Expect

2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Toronto
In November, 2009 it was announced that Toronto would be the next host of the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games in 2015! Thus, as the dates for this event are fast approaching for I decided to do some research on what we should expect!
Now if you are in the mind set that the Pan Am games are similar to the Olympic games, you are sadly mistaken. The Pan Am games are pretty unique and will feature many sports that you would not find in the Olympic games. From wakeboarding and water skiing to bowling we are sure in for some awesome stuff!
Pan Am Games Wakeboarding Skiing
Also exciting to note that Chevrolet is taking part in the Pan Am games. The Chevrolet Beach Volleyball Centre (a temporary location) will host the men’s and women’s Pan American Games beach volleyball competition against the stunning backdrop of Lake Ontario. The centre will hold about 3,000 metric tons of sand brought in to create an urban beach, – Pretty cool! This will be located in Toronto on Princes Boulevard where majority of the event will be held. BUT interesting fact, a lot of events will be hosted outside of Toronto around the GTA. From Ajax (baseball), to Oshawa (boxing and weight lifting), as well as Caledon (equestrian), you can have the chance to experience a piece of the Pan Am games even if you cant make it into the down town core.
Chevrolet Beach Volleyball Centre photos
We are expecting 7,000 athletes from across the Americas and the Caribbean to participate in the games this year in 36 Pan Am Sports and 15 Parapan Am Sports.
The Pan Am games are from July 10-26th and the Parapan Am games are from August 7th- 15th. Will you be going to any of the events? Get your tickets here. Let us know what event you are most excited about!