3 winter hazards you didn’t know about

3 winter hazards you didn’t know about
Although everyone is aware that winter driving is more dangerous, the cold weather creates many hazards that people don’t know about. Read ahead to learn about the three winter hazards that you didn’t know could affect your vehicle.
You should always kick off the slush that accumulates behind your tires before you drive. If the slush freezes, it will greatly decrease your car’s ground clearance and you could do serious damage to your vehicle if you go over any kind of bump.
Be careful when you wash your vehicle in the winter as the water on the windshield can end up expanding and put a crack in it. Not only this, but it can also freeze locks and wipers. To prevent this, spray rubbing alcohol on the vehicle after washing it to counteract the freezing.
You should never let your gas tank get too low in the winter. This is because the gas line can actually freeze because of the increase in condensation. To help prevent this, try your best to always have at least half a tank of gas during the cold months.