404 Highway Extension Project

404 Highway Extension Photo
Today I was talking to a customer that drives from Keswick in to get her oil changed at our dealership and she explained how excited she is to finally see the 404 expansion finished.¬† She’s so excited about the time it will save her on the days she drives here to Newmarket.
The 13 kilometre 404 highway extension to Ravenshoe Road is scheduled to be open in August of this year. this extension was first approved in 1992 however it has taken over 20 years to complete. Greatly anticipated, it will provide much needed convenience for commuters for the residents of Keswick and surrounding areas.
While delays over the past two decades have hindered the expansion it is a relief to know it will finally be completed and provide 13 kilometers of four-lane highway consisting of three interchanges, four bridges, seven large culverts for drainage and wildlife crossings, 10 storm water management ponds, three carpool lots and a convenient road to take when traveling to NewRoads.