6 Reasons to Service Your Car this Spring

Reasons to Service your Vehicle in Spring
March is finally here, which means the long-awaited spring weather is just around the corner. While this year’s winter was a little mild, that doesn’t mean your vehicle didn’t endure its fair share of wear and tear over the past several months.
Taking your car into your local dealership to get serviced now can help prevent larger problems from growing – helping to ensure that you stay safe as you enter the hot, summer road trip months.
Worn Tires
If you’re planning to switch back from snow tires in the next few weeks, you’ll probably want to get your summer/all-season tires checked out.  You may have forgotten to have them inspected before winterizing your vehicle, meaning there could be bulges, cracks, rubber splitting or worn out tread you’ll need to look out for.
Fluid Top Up
After a long, hard winter, chances are high your fluids aren’t at their proper levels. Your engine oil, antifreeze, coolants, and windshield washer fluids should all be looked at.  Topping up your fluids may not always be top-of-mind, but keeping them at a lower level could be flirting with bigger issues.
Do you remember what colour your car is?
It’s very likely that you’ve tracked a lot of dirt onto and into your car. While you’re free to vacuum your vehicle yourself, it may be difficult to remove all of the dirt and debris, especially if there is a large amount of salt on the carpets. It’s not a bad idea to get a professional to remove the salt and dirt from your vehicle, or even go the whole ten yards and get it detailed. You won’t regret it.
Hoses and Belts
Rubber does not react well to extreme temperatures changes, so the constant change between the cold weather and the hot air blowing from your engine could have had a serious effect on your car’s belts and hoses.  If your belts or hoses are cracked or appear loose, it’s probably time to get them replaced.
Brake Pads
Your brakes have likely tolerated a large amount of salt and slush over the last several months, causing your pads to wear. A simple lubrication can go a long way.  If you aren’t sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry and bring your car in to your local dealership. Putting it off is not only damaging to your rotors, but clearly dangerous.