The 8 Cars you Date in your Life

1. The eternal optimist – Kia (all of them)
Rio, Soul the OPTIMA… seriously so happy all the time!
Kia Soul
2. The Outdoorsy one/animal lover – Subaru Outback
Their furry friend will probably ride shotgun over you on the way to the camp sight.
3.The obsessive one – Subaru WRX STI
The Subaru WRX STI is the one who will obsess over everything to the tiniest detail.
Subaru WRX STI photos
4. The high maintenance one – Cadillac ATS
You know that the Cadillac ATS only appreciates the luxury of red wine and rich mahogany.
5. The extremely versatile/flexible one – Chevy
From pick-ups to sedans to sports cars to muscle cars to SUVs, Chevy will be what ever you want them to be.
Chevy Lineup
6. The really mature foodie – Buick Regal
Buick Regal makes you think about life goals, and you know plan for the future. They also only go to 5 star restaurants and are into fancy food trends like kale and bone marrow.
7. The Techy – Mazda
Mazda is that guy/girl who always has the latest gadget. You know that new apple watch? Ya they already have it.
8. The I’M A MAN man – GMC Canyon
Do you need more of an explanation? You sometimes think that GMC is over compensating for something.
GMC Canyon