Advantages & Disadvantages of Passenger Airbags

Advantages and Disadvantages of Passenger Airbags



Although airbags are essential for the driver of the vehicle since it prevents them from hitting the steering wheel during an accident, some experts believe that a seatbelt is enough for a front-seat passenger. Read ahead to find out the advantages and disadvantages of passenger airbags.


One of the biggest reasons for having passenger airbags are the lower rates you will receive as a result. A driver should see a significant reduction in their premium by having passenger airbags in their vehicle. This is because cars with these airbags see far fewer deaths every year than cars that don’t have them.


Although airbags can help to save lives, they can also cause injury, especially if the passenger is positioned improperly. Concussions and whiplashes can occur even in a minor accident, especially if the individual isn’t very big. Therefore, if you are in a vehicle with a passenger airbag you should sit at least a foot back from the airbag so you can absorb the impact better.


Overall, the risk of death is much bigger than the risk of getting injured by an airbag. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your vehicle has passenger airbags in it to help stay safe behind the wheel.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger