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Anti-Lock Brakes
Anti-lock brakes are a new safety feature that gives the driver more control of the vehicle. Although they are seen in many new vehicles and have helped to save many lives, there is still concern with the new system. Read ahead to find out the advantages and disadvantages of anti-lock brakes.
One thing about anti-lock brakes is that they are great for Canadian winters. They do a great job of stopping on ice and help to prevent slips and skids. As well, since they make the car safer your vehicle will have a higher resale value and will also result in lower insurance costs for you.
Although there are significant advantages to anti-lock brakes, there are also some concerns that users have raised. Some people have found that stopping distances are increased with anti-lock brakes as there may be errors in the system. Also, anti-lock brakes can be expensive, especially if the sensors need to be changed.
Overall, while anti-lock brakes may be more expensive and take more effort to maintain, they are perfect for Canadian residents. Considering they are great in the snow and on ice, drivers will be safer and fewer accidents will occur every year with anti-lock brakes.