Anti-Lock Brakes Reduce Braking Distance | Car Tips

Anti-lock brakes reduce braking distance
Sometimes stopping you’re vehicle in time can be very challenging, especially on a slippery road. This is especially true during Canadian winters where the roads are far from optimal. Thankfully, anti-lock brakes reduce braking distance and prevent skidding – keeping you safe behind the wheel.
Since skidding can prevent you from braking, anti-lock brakes ensure that your wheels don’t skid when you slow down. It is able to do this through the ABS system which consists of: valves, sensors, pumps and a controller.
The pumps and valves are used to alter the pressure of the brakes. While the valves are used to release the pressure from the brakes, the pumps are used to get the pressure back up.
The sensors are used to determine when the vehicle is slowing down. There are sensors above each tire that give the vehicle a signal for when they should lock up.
Finally, the controller is a computer in your vehicle that tells the sensors, pumps and valves what to do. It’s responsible for making sure each part does its job and you don’t skid when attempting to brake.
Patrick Britton