Automotive Savvy Ladies

Automotive Savvy Ladies
Alright so as feminism keeps trending and the world changes their perspective on gender equality its time to turn your heads a take a look at the leading ladies in the Automotive world! As one of the largest automotive conglomerates it is no surprise that General Motors is right on trend and housing some of the most important female leaders in the industry.
Mary Barra photo
Mary Barra: CEO, General Motors
Starting last January (January 15, 2014) Mary Barra took her position of Chief Executive Officer at General Motors. With her leadership GM is striving to become the global industry leader in automotive design, technology, product quality, safety, as well as customer care and business results. Pretty much Barra is encouraging GM to be the best they can be while encouraging innovation and creativity.
Alicia Boler-Davis photo
Alicia Boler-Davis: Senior Vice President, Global Connected Customer Experience, General Motors
Alicia Boler- Davis leads GM’s efforts to provide customers with the best service and overall experience in the industry. Speaking at the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit on November 2014 Boler-Davis’s agenda was to encourage young girls to purse STEM careers. She advocates for young girls to focus on science and math through out middle school to help them further on in their career goals. And with her 10 years of experience we should really listen.
Grace Lieblein photo
Grace Lieblein: Senior Vice President, Global Quality, General Motors
Grace Lieblein is responsible for leading General Motors’ global quality efforts aimed at providing customers with the highest-quality vehicles in the industry. With her extensive knowledge of manufacturing, engineering, purchasing and global markets Lieblein ensures that GM’s focused on their customer and bringing them what they want.
Danica Patrick photo
Danica Patrick: Race Car Driver, Chevrolet
Ok so I obviously could not forget the one and only Danica Patrick. The 31 year old race car driver from Wisconsion has been making waves in the auto world being the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. Driving the coveted #10 GoDaddy,com Chevrolet SS during the 2013 season Patrick became the first female NASCAR driver to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series pole, turning in the fastest qualifying lap since 1990 – qualifying for the Daytona 500. So pretty much she is a big deal.
If these ladies don’t inspire your inner #GirlBoss, seriously I don’t know what will.