Awesome Foundation Winner: September 2015

Awesome Foundation: September - Jennifer Casa-Todd

Awesome Foundation: September – Jennifer Casa-Todd

Initiative: Fears, Cheers and Unclears
We’re pleased to announce that the September Awesome Foundation winner is Jennifer Casa- Todd and her AWESOME cause Fears, Cheers and Unclears. Growing up in a digital age can be difficult so I can only imagine the challenges of parenting in a digital age. As a mother of 2 teens Jennifer Casa-Todd has recognized these challenges and has set out on a mission to help educate others on this experience. Her goal is to bring parents together to keep kids safe online as well maintaining their privacy, and it’s a tricky tight rope to walk!
Enter Fears, Cheers and Unclears; an evening event hosted by a panel of speakers all joining together to continue the conversation of youths in a digital age. The exciting thing about this panel is that it won’t be your regular authority figures but rather a mix of parents and teens all contributing to the same dialogue. From an Australian author to a 12 year old blogger (@ThatHannahAlper) Fears, Cheers and Unclears is going to be an interactive evening! Incorporating digital tech into the event is a key feature that Casa-Todd is keen to highlight. Weather it’s a Google hang out or, periscope – Fears, Cheers and Unclears goal is to promote the use of social media in a positive way. So lets help remove the cyber bullying and bring on the positivity!