Awesome Foundation Winner: May 2015

Newmarket Awesome Foundation Winner May 2015 photo

From left to right: Neil Stratton, Jackie Playter, Tina Beattie (winner), Diane Farmer, Wasim Jarrah

Winner:  Tina Beattie of Ici Arte
We’re pleased to announce that the May 2015 recipient of the Awesome Foundation is Tina Beattie and her AWESOME cause “ It Takes a Village. Art In the Yard”. As the proud owner of Ici Arte art gallery located at Main St. and Davis Beattie is turning her focus onto educating and exposing teens and school age kids in the beauty of art.
When we sat down with Ms. Beattie we chatted about why this exposure is so important today. She enlightened us on the fact that art is being lost in translation as the school systems put it in the background of their curriculums. Thus we must bring the interest to them and give them other outlets to access art, bring in “It Takes a Village. Art In the Yard”. Beattie plans on bringing art to the forefront and giving the teens the chance to be engage in all forms through collaborations and workshops with other local artists. She is very passionate about giving the chance for art to be seen, to be sold, and promote a positive discourse around the exposure to the art world. Obliviously we think this is very AWESOME!