Awesome Foundation Winner: August 2015

Newmarket Awesome Foundation Winner: August 2015
Catherine Madden – Executive Director of the Women’s Centre of York Region
Initiative:  Back to School Backpack
We’re pleased to announce that the August 2015 recipient of the Awesome Foundation is Catherine Madden and her AWESOME cause Back to School Backpacks! As the proud executive director of the Women’s Centre of York Region Catherine is always pushing to provide the best for her clients.
It’s that time of year that everyone is talking about, back-to-school! I don’t know about you but for me back-to-school was one of the best times of the year. I was done with summer and ready to get back to realty, I especially loved getting fresh school supplies and that new backpack! For some this isn’t a luxury that they can afford but thanks you Catherine and her team at the Women’s Centre they have made this a reality. Last year they were able to provide 97 gender specific back-to-school backpacks equipped with reusable water bottle, lunch kit, school supplies and a gift card to purchase additional school supplies as needed.
Every year the need for this kind of service grows and with the help from the Awesome Foundation we’re able to contribute to this amazing cause. Catherine says that their goal is to ensure families are equipped with these supplies so they can focus on other life necessities. They also want to encourage parents to provide healthy meals and water to their children to increase their energy and participation in school. By providing the supplies they encourage parents to think about and use them.
For something that many of us take for granted it’s truly AWESOME to see a team who’s committed to making sure that everyone is ready when back-to-school comes around!