Awesome Foundation Winner: December 2015

Awesome Foundation Winner December 2015
Awesome Foundation: December 2015
Rachel Stewart – Buddy Benches
Congratulations to the December Awesome Foundation recipient, Rachel Stewart and her AWESOME cause; Buddy Benches. Ever remember being a little kid at a new school and needing a friend? This is the reality for many kids across the nation, and Aurora mom Rachel Stewart, is on a mission to change this! She aims to make schoolyard loneliness extinct, one buddy bench at a time.
Stewart and her son Owen have moved around a lot for her work, resulting in many new schools for Owen. Stewart was heartbroken at the fact that her son had to make new friends everywhere he went, because we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Everything changed at Rick Hansen Public School in Aurora. Stewart visited the school and discovered the Buddy Bench. How it works is students who are looking for someone to play with sit on the bench, when the other student notice this they approach them and invite them to join their activity. As adults we can only imagine the horror of having to ask someone to include you when you don’t even know them, enter the Buddy Bench.  It’s amazing how something as simple as a bench can take away the fear and embrace inclusivity. Stewart has made it her mission to get one of these benches in every school in York Region, and we think that is pretty AWESOME!
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