Awesome Foundation Winner: February 2016

Awesome Foundation Winner: February 2016
Awesome Foundation: February Winner
Gardening in Kindergarten – Stacey Taylor (Denny Public School)
Even though the Ontario ground hog Wiarton Wille saw his shadow I have a feeling that spring is on the horizon. With that, what a better way to start off spring then with this AWESOME cause! Congratulations to Stacey Taylor a Kindergarten teacher from Denny Public school for starting the initiative of Gardening in Kindergarten. Stacey was inspired to start this program as a way of teaching her students where food comes from, and to develop empathy (on top of many other things). She believes that with the trend of disappearing farms it’s important to teach young minds about food security as well as a better understanding of where food comes from – because it does’t just appear in the grocery store.
Through Gardening in Kindergarten the kids will learn the importance of cultivating plants, specifically food plants. The kids will also learn the growing process and develop an appreciation of hard work. In turn this will promote healthy eating, responsibility, self-confidence, a love of nature, discovery, physical activity, cooperation and creativity!
When asked what they would start with first Stacey said she’d ask the kids and see what vegetables they like the best. Fresh is best, and we think that’s pretty awesome!