See you at the Dog Park Barrie!

Barrie Dog Park - OSPCA
As the sun started to go down I thought it was a great time to take my two Bull dogs Cinder and Rufus to the dog park. They were at first hard to convince that a dog park would be more enjoyable then lying by the pool!  After a bit of encouragement I got them loaded into the car for a short trip down the road.
Its great to see local communities and cities starting to add dog parks.
Organizations like the Ontario OSPCA believe that dog parks are beneficial to both dogs and dog owners. According to Dan Emerson of Dog Channel, proponents of dog parks cite the following benefits: “They promote responsible pet ownership and the enforcement of dog-control laws; give dogs a place to exercise safely, thus reducing barking and other problem behaviors; provide seniors and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions; and provide an area for community-building socializing.” Dog park regulations vary from park to park, but some are quite extensive and comprehensive.
As much as it was enjoyable for the dogs I also enjoyed the interaction with other dogs and there owners. If you haven’t take your dog to a dog park give it a try I am sure they will thank you for it.
See you at the Dog Park!
Chris Paranuik