What you need to be aware of when you price a vehicle online

Price a vehicle online
All manufacturers offer websites that allow you to price a vehicle online. You can work out a cash price, a finance payment or a lease payment. What you need to be aware of is the following;
The dealership expenses.  Administration fee, etching if applicable, pre-delivery inspection, gas fee, tire levee, OMVIC fee and licensing fee all need to be added to the price.
Taxes. Some include the H.S.T and some do not.
The loan or lease term. It’s easy for example to mistake a 60 month term for a 60 month term amortized over 84 months.
The correct model.  Building the car online can be confusing. Make sure you have the correct model year, the correct trim line, and the correct equipment. Leaving out something like an automatic transmission can have a huge effect on the price or payment.
Does the vehicle exist? Pricing a vehicle out is one thing, but is it available at a dealership is another question. Popular models are sometimes scarce and you could be getting your hopes up for a vehicle that nobody has in their inventory.
Due at signing.  Particularly on a lease, you need to be aware that zero down does not necessarily mean zero when you pick up the car. First month’s payment and license fees are some of what you should expect.
Pricing a vehicle online will give you a rough idea of how much you need to pay, but you should visit your local dealer, and they can give you more accurate figures.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger