The Benefits of All-Wheel Drive

Benefits of All-Wheel Drive
We live in Canada and experience very poor weather conditions at times. While it’s a great idea to get snow tires in the winter, another thing you can do to make your life safer is to make sure your vehicle has all wheel drive (AWD).
The biggest advantage of all wheel drive is the traction. All four wheels are working at once to propel the vehicle. If one or two of the wheels slip and lose traction, the others continue to work together to maintain traction when it’s icy or muddy.
Another great feature is that you’re a little safer when driving off-road. A larger vehicle with all wheel drive can get through uneven terrain because even if one wheel loses contact with the ground, the other wheels will be able to propel it forward.
Overall performance is also improved with all wheel drive. The additional traction allows the vehicle to accelerate quicker, even on dry, smooth surfaces. Another way performance is improved is through steering. While the rear wheels concentrate on gaining forward traction, the front wheels can concentrate on gaining side traction.
Clearly, having a vehicle with all wheel drive will make your driving experience more safe and pleasurable.