Best Apps for Saving Money on Gas

Best Apps for Saving Money on Gas

Even with gas prices falling in recent months, people are still interested in saving money on fuel. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there that will help improve your fuel economy, so make sure to read ahead to find out which ones you should download.

One of the most useful applications for saving you money on fuel is “Gas Buddy.” This application tracks the fuel cost of all the gas stations surrounding you, so you can always pick the cheapest option when you fill up. This may only equate to a couple cents per litre, but over time you will be saving a significant amount.

“Route4Me” is perfect if you’re running errands. This app determines the best and quickest route if you’re making multiple stops. Even if you think you know the area well, it doesn’t hurt to double check with this app.

“Waze” is a great application to use during your daily commute to and from work. Since it gets up-to-the-minute traffic updates, it can warn you of congested areas ahead and recommend routes that will be the fastest possible. Not only is this app convenient, but it will save you gas money.