Best Android Shortcuts

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Best Android Shortcuts
You won’t want to spend a long time checking your phone and replying to messages when you’re on a long trip. Thankfully, here are the top shortcuts for Android users.

  • to quickly launch your apps just hit the search button and B on your keyboard
  • holding alt + del together will allow you to delete an entire line when you’re typing something
  • click menu + I to zoom in and Menu + O to zoom out
  • to forward the current message press F, reply press R and to archive the message press Y
  • an easy way to quickly check your email is to hold search + E (Menu and U together will refresh your inbox)
  • to compose a new email, press Menu + C
  • if you quickly want to browse the internet, hit Menu + B to open your bookmarks and Menu + J to go back a page
  • to create your own shortcuts, go into Applications > Quick Launch