Best Smartphone Apps for Drivers

Gas Buddy Smartphone Car Apps
Smartphones apps have made many things more convenient, including driving a car because of all the applications available. While you should not be checking this apps when you’re driving, they can come in handy before you depart or if you’re taking a break.
Gases prices can fluctuated considerably depending on where you are. To ensure you get the best deal on fuel, consider downloading “GasBuddy,” an app that shows the cheapest prices in the area.
“Around Me,” is an app that shows you convenient places and stores nearby. Instead of wasting your time looking for a restaurant, bank, gas station or hotel, you can fire up the app instead to help show you what’s available.
If you’re a person who’s constantly late when you’re meeting up with someone, consider getting “On My Way Buddy.” This application allows you to send a quick text message to your friend that tells them how soon you will be arriving to your planned destination.
Finally, if you notice that you often struggle to find where you’re supposed to go, then “” is the perfect app for you. stores all the offline maps that you need, so you can use the application even when you don’t have data.