Best Vehicle Apps for the iPad

Best Vehicle Apps for the iPad
Dynolicious: Allows you to track your vehicle’s acceleration, estimated horsepower and g-force. All you have to do is turn the app on when you’re driving and place it on a flat surface.
RepairPal: Makes car maintenance easier by providing tune-up tips and even showing you nearby repair shops. In addition, it can give you estimates so you can see if you’re getting a good deal.
AccuFuel: This app tracks the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by keeping track of data after every fill-up.
CarBuzz: If you love to get the latest auto news this app is perfect for you. CarBuzz gives you up to date articles, ratings and photos of your favourite vehicles.
Honk: If you constantly forget where you’ve parked your vehicle than Honk is an app you should consider downloading. This app allows you to find your car easily with photos, notes and automatic GPS functions.
iWrecked: This app will help you if you happen to get into an accident. iWrecked provides you with a professional PDF that you can send to your insurance company and also helps you log accident information.