Holiday Heroes York Region

Hercules once said… “A true hero is not measured by the size of our strength, but the strength of our hearts.” 

Our NewRoads Community Crew gives back with Holiday Heroes!

It was an incredible day of giving back and having fun at the NewRoads Automotive Group.  All five of our dealerships joined forces with York Regional Police for the 6th year supporting the Holiday Heroes Food and Toy Drive.

Holiday Heroes Toy Drive

This year, marks the 22nd time the Holiday Heroes Campaign has been able to change the lives of families who have come into hard times.  Each year York Regional Police ask individuals, businesses, community groups and schools to partner with them to help support these families in need. This year’s campaign ran from November 15 to December 14, 2018 and 100% of the donations go directly to support families from our community who are in need.

Holiday Heroes York Region

Once again all the proceeds will go to the families and individuals registered with the Salvation Army and Victim Services of York Region.  To date the program has raised more than $1 million in monetary donations, new toys, new children’s clothing and food.

Noel Croxon Deryck Gilpin

It was an extra special day where we could honour and celebrate Noel Croxon and Deryck Gilpins 50th Anniversary in the Automotive Business, surrounded by family, staff, and Newmarket Mayor John Taylor.

Chevrolet Dealer 50 years cake

“I love to see the people who started here many years ago and who are still with us,” said Noel Croxon, who turned 90 on Christmas Day.

From a two-car showroom in 1968 to a seven-dealership strong automotive group today headquartered in Newmarket, Croxon and his long time business partner, Deryck Gilpin, have plenty to celebrate.

Noel Croxon

Deputy Police Chief Thomas Carrique, honoured Noel by sharing a memory of the two of them working together with the Rotary Club thirty years ago.

The celebration ended with a wonderful pot luck lunch.

Noel and Michael Croxon Congratulations Noel Croxon


From all of us at the NewRoads Automotive Group we would like to thank you for participating in the Holiday Heroes Food and Toy Drive.  I BIG Thank you to Deputy Police Chief Thomas Carrique, Superintendent Michael Slack and the incredible York Regional Police Team for their time and support.

It is truly amazing what a can happen when police, businesses and communities work together. Said Kelly Broome

To learn more about the NewRoads Community Crew and where you might find them next visit


2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 photo

Previewing the new 2019 Corvette ZR1

The ZR1 is back, and it’s better than ever. Chevrolet dropped a bomb over the past weekend when it introduced the new 2019 Corvette ZR1, showcasing arguably its most impressive model to date.

Read ahead to find out what’s changed in this year’s version, and why car enthusiasts around the world are suddenly drooling over Chevrolet’s new supercar.

Rear of 2019 Corvette ZR1


Speed demons will be thrilled to hear that the ZR1 is being marketed as the fastest and most powerful Corvette yet.  Equipped with 755 horsepower and 715 pound-feet of torque, the ZR1 is said to top out at greater than 210 miles per hour.

ZR1’s LT5 6.2L V-8 engine delivers the highest output of any vehicle in Chevrolet’s 106-year history, thanks in large part to General Motors’ first-ever dual-injection-system.

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 wheels


If you’re someone who kept on top of the various teases that were released over the past several months, you probably already had a solid idea of what the ZR1 looked like prior to Sunday’s announcement.

Sebring Orange 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1

However, for those who have been kept in the dark, it should be noted that the 2019 model is as sleek as they come. The Sebring Orange Design Package offers a fresh look for the ‘Vette, with orange brake calipers, seatbelts, and interior stitching.

Even better, the interior is more comfortable relative to older models, with cushier seating and a more ergonomic feel overall.

Both a seven-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmission will be available in the 2019 model – marking the first time Chevrolet has offered an automatic transmission in the ZR1.

2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 hood


For those who take great pride in their speaker quality, Chevrolet is offering a Bose premium audio system. This year’s Corvette also comes equipped with Chevrolet’s Performance Data Recorder – allowing drivers to analyze their every move.

Heating and venting leather-trimmed seats are also available.

Solving old problems

After experiencing several issues with overheating with the Z06, GM went back to the lab and fixed arguably its biggest concern with the Corvette.  With 13 total heat exchangers and four new outboard radiators, the ZR1 is equipped with a much more efficient cooling system, offering 52 percent more displacement than the Z06’s LT4 supercharger.


What makes it so good?

If style, speed, and performance are the three attributes you cherish most in a new vehicle, then the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is the perfect car for you.  Simply put, this is the car supercar enthusiasts.

2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1

Release date

For those itching to get a closer look at the new ZR1, you’ll have to wait a few months, as the 2019 model won’t be released until next spring. A price has yet to be announced, stay tuned.



Cadillac Escalade in winterSki trip

Whether it is six more weeks of winter or an early spring we still have a little winter left, and what a better way to enjoy it than hitting the slopes! When embarking on a winter wonderland journey you need a few vital things: warm clothing, some travel companions & a sweet ride. I needed a vehicle that could fit all of my family’s gear, plus of course my family! When I picked up the Cadillac Escalade from NewRoads I had the last piece of the puzzle for my skiing adventure.

Cadillac EscaladeSki trip


Cadillac Escalade

Caledon ski club

We packed up the Escalade with four of everything, skis, poles, boots & headed to Caledon Ski Club. Caledon is about 30 minutes out of York Region and home to Forks of the Credit Road, a well known road for its sharp turns and beautiful soundings and a place I have visited before with NewRoads! In the winter this place is a whole new ball game, there is something about a blanket of snow that makes everything more beautiful. Our drive up was stunning, and seriously comfortable due to the Escalades lux interior!

Caledon ski tripEscalade in winterEasy close tailgate

Cadillac infotainment

Once we got to the Ski Club unpacking out the back of the Escalade was so easy, and with a push of a button the trunk closed. Even in a packed parking lot and this very large truck parking is made easy with my favourite feature of the 21st century – the back up camera, honestly this feature continues to be my game changer. So, with the car unpacked and parked, the only thing left to do was hit the hills! It was amazing to be back on the snow again. I grew up skiing every weekend and I loved every minute of it (minus the early mornings). So being able to get back to that was the best feeling.

Cadillac interior photoCadillac stepSki boot and skiUpper Chalet RdSki gear

When it was time to head home, we packed up the truck and turned up the heated seats and the heated stirring wheel.  As I mentioned before Caledon is known for its winding roads so you might find yourself worried about a large truck like an Escalade taking those curves, but honestly it was a breeze and this is coming from someone who is used to a small sedan. PS – did I mention the step that pops out when you open the door, Cadillac leaves no details out. I hope you enjoy the last bit of winter!

Cadillac Escalade front grillCadillac Escalade grillCadillac Escalade wheel controlsEscalade wheelsSki adventure in Caledon

CNLA Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association

CNLA Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association event photos

The CNLA (Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association) is an association who provides their members with various collective benefits for the industry.  They can include companies who plow snow, interlocking brick manufacture or installation, deck companies etc.


CNLA members are entitled to aggressive pricing / marketability on items purchased that relate to their business.  NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC have up to a $14,000 discount that they will qualify for – depending on the truck.  So the credit they receive is not just typical… it’s quite significant.


This trade show is hosted by CNLA and members can rent booths. Some of those in attendance were Kubota Equipment, Brooklyn Concrete, DEL equipment, Meyer snow plows, among others.



2017 Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is 2017 North American Car of the Year!

Game-changing long-range electric earns brand’s fourth award in four years


The Bolt EV’s recognition marks the fourth time in four years that Chevrolet has received the North American Car of the Year or Truck of the Year award, following the Corvette Stingray and Silverado’s wins in 2014 and the Colorado’s award in 2015.


The Bolt EV adds the title of North America Car of the Year to a growing list of independent accolades. Motor Trend® named the Bolt EV the 2017 Car of the Year and it earned a place on the 2017 Car and Driver 10Best Cars list. Green Car Journal also heralded the Bolt EV as the Green Car of the Year and Green Car reports named it the Best New Car to Buy.


2017 Chevrolet Bolt

2017 Chevrolet Bolt – North America Car of the Year

Adding to this exciting news will be the first Bolt EV deliveries in Canada later this month!


To learn more about the Bolt EV’s North American Car of the Year award, please visit our media website at for full press release material and watch for our upcoming communications on how we can all leverage these prestigious awards!
The 2017 North American Car of the Year is the car of tomorrow, today!



NewRoads Call Centre

Have you ever wondered who is behind those friendly voices that greet you when you call into a NewRoads dealership? Well, this summer I was fortunate enough to get to know each person responsible for the voices you hear.

When I began my work as a summer intern at NewRoads Mazda, I was placed in a room known as the ‘Call Centre’. Although I wasn’t hired to be a call rep, I would work in this room along with the marketing coordinator and the head of digital communications.

While it may seem like there is a vast amount of people responding to your calls (as the call reps always answer quickly and promptly), in reality, there are just five lovely individuals scheduling your service appointments.

Jeff and Melissa - NewRoads Call Centre

It didn’t take long for me to see that this call center would quickly become a place I look forward to entering everyday, and that the people working there would soon become more than work acquaintances. In fact, on just my third, Elise, the Call Centre Manager, and Melissa, a long time NewRoads employee, invited me to get my nails done with them after work.  Not only were they friendly to this newbie – their relationships extend far beyond the dealership.

Elise - NewRoads Call Centre

Between serving customers and phone calls, they chat about their home lives, families and life in general.  Sharing photos of adorable things their children did the previous night, or collaborating on parenting techniques, the Call Centre team is truly a family in itself.

Elise, the Call Centre manager, is married and the mother of a gorgeous little girl. Elise dresses fabulously and manages the Call Centre with a sense of ease and efficiency. She’s also into fitness, playing baseball, always eating healthy and regularly going to fitness classes with fellow NewRoads employee Melissa.

NewRoads Call Centre

Melissa is best described as a beautiful person both inside and out. With her gorgeous long blonde hair and light blue eyes, she’s brought her lovely presence to NewRoads for 8 years. Customers always appreciate her kind and caring demeanour.

Jeff - NewRoads Call Centre

Jeff brings a positive and fun energy to the Call Centre and it’s easy to become happy after a quick conversation with him. Not only does Jeff work at the Call Centre, he’s also a professional make up artist and does fabulous transformations for his clients. He has one stunning daughter who, in my opinion, is very lucky to have such an awesome dad.

NewRoads Call Centre

At 21 years old, Mykaela is the youngest one in the Call Centre. Her voice is calming and wonderfully enchanting, making it easy to call her over and over again. She’s known for regularly wearing flowery dresses and brings a lovely atmosphere to the room.

Amanda is one of the newer call reps and joined NewRoads a couple months after myself. She has lived in Newmarket all her life and coincidentally happens to be good friends with my cousin. Amanda fits right in with the NewRoads call crew and everyone is excited to have her on the team!

Amanda - NewRoads Call Centre


NewRoads GM Makeover photo

On my way to work at NewRoads Mazda, I couldn’t help but notice large cranes in front of the NewRoads GM store that I pass by on my everyday route. So I decided to stop by and check it out!

NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo


NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo

NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo

After inspecting a little closer, I could see they were installing signs above the store entrance. The building, which had already undergone changes, was now getting sleek new letters installed.

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo

NewRoads GM Makeover photo

The following day, on my way by, I once again couldn’t help but stare at the NewRoads GM store. However, today it wasn’t the big cranes that drew my intention, it was the fresh and new CADILLAC BUICK GMC and CHEVROLET signage.

The beautiful signs leap off the fresh new facade  each automotive brand. Be sure to check it out at 18100 Yonge Street, Newmarket Ontario – you can’t miss it!

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo


Ray Belanger at NewRoads

Meet Ray Belanger, a NewRoads employee since 2012 and a Disc Jockey since 1984. Four years ago, after being told by friends that he would be perfect for automotive sales, Ray decided to join NewRoads GM. While selling cars and DJing are two very different things, Ray manages to be successful at both. In fact, Ray has brought his musical talent to work by participating in NewRoads events as the DJ.

Ray Belanger DJ in Newmarket

Ray discovered his DJ talent on a whim back in the 80’s and is quick to tell his story, “I was out with some friends when the DJ just got up and walked out. So I jumped in and started playing music and the crowd loved what I was doing – and I loved the response from the crowd. I still DJ once in a while, although not as much as I’m more focused on selling cars.”

Ray Belanger at NewRoads in Newmarket Ontario

After jumping into his first DJ gig (literally) Ray couldn’t resist performing again. He finds “the instantaneous response from the crowd addictive” and continues to share his musical talents with a variety of audiences whenever he can.

Ray’s audience isn’t limited to the English speaking crowd as he actually DJ’s primarily for French social groups in the GTA. Being bilingual gives Ray the ability to DJ both French and English – he last performed at a school dance for the French Teacher’s Federation.

Ray Belanger DJ

Lucky for Ray, most DJ gigs happen on weekends or after NewRoads hours, so he’s able to balance both talents with ease.


CIAS 2016 Recap - Subaru


The 2016 Canadian Auto Show is on this week (12th – 21nd) and we had a sneak peak the day before it opened to the public for some exciting reveals! Check out below to see what the NewRoads brand had in store!


Canadian International Autoshow - Mazda

Canadian International Autoshow - Mazda

Canadian International Autoshow - Mazda



First things first, congrats to the CX3 for being named AJAC Utility Car of the year! WAY TO GO MAZDA! Anyway, the display featured the MX5 Global Cup car as well as the new CX9 that was unveiled a few months ago. It was exciting to see the new redesigned SUV, and we can’t wait to see it in our show room! The MX5 Global Cup car was also great to see, loving all of the variations of the MX5 that are popping up. Too bad we couldn’t have had a visit form the RX vision!


2016 CIAS Toronto - Subaru

2016 CIAS Toronto - Subaru

2016 CIAS Subaru

2016 CIAS Subaru



Subaru had a lot going on! From the new Hyper Blue colour making an appearance to the new XV Crosstrek Hybrid and the new Impreza concept there was lots to see. Loving the new styling in this Impreza concept, it’s a bit of a difference to their traditional design, and it’s working. Also on display was one of Subaru’s rally cars, it was awesome to see a well used Subie. The vehicle that I was really excited to see that I didn’t expect was the XV Crosstrek HYBRID. That’s right a hybrid Subie. Can’t wait to take this bad bot out for a spin.


2016 CIAS Cadillac

2016 CIAS Cadillac

2016 Toronto Auto Show Chevrolet

2016 Toronto Auto Show GMC



From the runways of New York City and Dubai the Cadillac XT5 made an appearance at this year’s CIAS. The new Cadillac SUV is a nice addition to the line up. Cadillac also revealed the AT6, making it obvious that they are style driven. Chevrolet took some queues from their consumers and announced the new Cruze hatchback and the BoltEV. Buick featured the new Envision (coming to showrooms soon) and the stylish Avenur concept showing that Buick has still got it. The GMC display is always fun to see with their suspended truck allowing you to walk under the vehicle and see all the moving parts.



2016 Toronto Auto Show Kia

2016 CIAS Kia



Personally, I was really excited to visit the Kia set up and see the much-anticipated 2017 Kia Sportage. It was everything I could imagine and more! Kia also revealed a new concept car that will be hitting the showrooms early 2017 named NIRO. The Niro model is a HUV (Hybrid Utility Vehicle) leading the new direction for Kia’s future. These two models showcase the initial future of Kia design and we’re into it! Another pleasant surprise at the Kia display was the #KiaAllStarMVP Turbo Optima – just in time for the NBA all-star weekend in Toronto!


CIAS Kia NBA All-Star car

CIAS Kia NBA All-Star car


Over all the future looks very exciting for our NewRoads brands and the Canadian automotive market in general!



Spirit of NewRoads Awards in Newmarket

Each year the NewRoads Automotive Group acknowledges a individuals from each dealership who exemplify the values of a former NewRoads employee – Steve Nash.  These values include (but are not limited to) enthusiasm, energy, humour, and the unique ability of raising the game of those around them.

Each of our dealerships vote for the team member they feel embodies the NewRoads spirit as well as these attributes to pick the winners. This year, our winners are the ones that go above and beyond, and make a positive impact in the day-to-day life at their dealership.

Congratulations to our 2016 Spirit of NewRoads winners!

NewRoads Mazda Winner: Doug Higgs

NewRoads Mazda Winner: Doug Higgs

Richmond Hill Subaru Winner:  Leon Verbon (4-time winner!)

Richmond Hill Subaru Winner: Leon Verbon (4-time winner!)

NewRoads GM: Jennifer Newlove and David Smirle (Our first ever tie!)

NewRoads GM: Jennifer Newlove and David Smirle (Our first ever tie!)

NewRoads Kia of Newmarket Winner: Justin Patterson

NewRoads Kia of Newmarket Winner: Justin Patterson

Spirit of NewRoads Awards - Find New Roads

NewRoads Team Awards