Mazda at Newmarket Ice Rink


NewRoads Newmarket Ice Rink


Happy 2017! Now that we’re well into the New Year (and January) it’s time to enjoy the winter weather that we know so well. I know I know this winter has been a weird one. It’s playing hot and cold with us but we can deal. Good news is the Newmarket Community Volunteer ice rink is open for business! I stopped by last weekend to check it out with the new Mazda CX5!


Skating in Newmarket


Mazda CX5 in Newmarket, Ontario


Whipper Billy Watson Park in Newmarket ice rink


Mazda CX-5 GPS navigation photo


Located at Whipper Billy Watson Park in Newmarket this ice rink is open to the public.  As Canadians we grew up on the ice, skating is in our blood so it’s natural that we make outdoor ice rinks where ever we can. Have you ever skated on a natural type of ice, like a pond or a lake? This rink a bit similar to that, with a few imperfections which makes it that  much more fun!


Benches donated by Upper Canada Mall


Whipper Billy Watson Park ice rink in Newmarket


Outdoor hockey photo


Outdoor hockey photo in Newmarket


This ice rink is BYOHS – bring your own hockey stick, but nets, and benches (thanks Upper Canada Mall!) are ready for you at the rink.  We encourage everyone to enjoy this rink, big or small, old or young – all skating levels too! No judgement.  Get out there and show us what your made of this winter.


Mazda CX-5 front grill photo


Mazda CX-5 mirror photo


Mazda CX5 All-wheel drive AWD


Mazda CX5


I borrowed the Mazda CX5 for the trip, picked up my brother and my dad (far better skaters than I) and headed to the rink. We easily packed our skates, sticks and anything else we would need in the back of the CX5, thanks to the ample trunk space. I’m also a big fan of the back up camera and the blind spot indicator, and those rims! At the end of the day the Mazda CX5 is perfect for hauling your gear to and from the rink, plus heated seats for those really cold days (or all winter if you’re like me). It was made for winter, just like us.


Mazda CX-5 wheels


Whipper Billy Watson outdoor rink


Mazda CX-5 interior


Mazda CX-5 headlights


Be sure to check out the Newmarket Community Volunteer Ice Rink – NewRoads is a proud sponsor!  We’ll see you on the ice!