Tips for becoming a little more confident behind the wheel

For some people – especially new drivers – getting behind the wheel can be a scary and stressful task. In some cases, just the fear of getting in an accident can make driving a downright terrifying experience.

If you’re someone who considers themselves an anxious driver, read ahead for some tips on how to become a more confident motorist:

Choose carefully who you drive with

If you get stressed behind the wheel, you should avoid driving with someone who makes you more nervous behind the wheel. Driving next to someone who is calm and relaxed will make you more relaxed. If you can’t find anyone who makes you feel this way, it may be a better idea to just go out on your own. It’s as simple as that.

Pullover if you get overwhelmed

There’s nothing wrong with pulling over to the side of the road if you’re faced with a situation that makes you overly anxious. This will allow you to calm down, take a deep breath, and figure out your action plan.

Practice makes perfect

The more frequently you drive, the more unique scenarios you’ll face. Once you’ve successfully dealt with these situations a few times, you’ll become more comfortable and ultimately a more confident driver.

Drive in all conditions

If you only drive when it’s nice and sunny out, you’ll likely begin to stress if you’re leaving for work and it begins to snow or rain.

It’s important to practice in all types of weather and terrain to increase your confidence when the roads are more hazardous.

Try out multiple vehicles

If you only ever drive one vehicle, you won’t have as much confidence when you eventually buy a new car. For instance, driving a truck or SUV is going to feel quite a bit different compared to driving a compact vehicle.

Drive to new places

If you’re always driving the same route, you’ll likely become nervous whenever you drive in unfamiliar territory. Instead of waiting until a long road trip to drive in new places, spend time each weekend driving in an unfamiliar area.

Once you’ve done that for a few months, driving in a foreign city will feel much easier.

Take an advanced driving course

There are a number of companies in Ontario that have programs or refresher classes for drivers who already have their license. Driving with an instructor can allow you to fine tune any areas you’re weak in and make you a more confident driver overall.

Don’t worry about other drivers

Just because other motorists are driving fast or aggressively doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Relax and drive the way you’re comfortable driving. There’s no need to copy the behaviour of other motorists around you. As long as you’re going the speed limit, you should have nothing to worry about.