Valentine's Day ideas


Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is here!  If you’re like many people and completely forgot, don’t worry, there’s still time to plan an exciting night out with you and your partner.


Read below for some last-minute ideas:


Hire a personal chef


If you’d prefer to have a romantic dinner, but don’t actually feel like leaving the house, this is the perfect option for you.


Hiring a personal chef will not only reduce the stress of finding a reservation, but it can also avoid some of the common complaints people have when they go out for dinner, like having to deal with slow service. You can also ensure the food you get is fresh, and can enjoy a meal that you actually want to eat.


There are plenty of personal chef services available across the GTA, so there should still be some places that aren’t already fully booked. Just make sure you don’t want until the last possible second.


Take a dance class


If lazy hangouts aren’t your thing, put on your dancing shoes and take a class with your loved one.


There are a number of studios available that have specials for Valentine’s Day, offering you a cheap alternative to going out for a fancy dinner. Try your hand at whatever you’re feeling, whether that be tango, mambo, or salsa.


If you have a wedding coming up, this is also a great opportunity to practice for the big day.


Take a cooking class


Put your culinary skills to the test this Valentine’s Day and sign up for a cooking class.  There are plenty of courses available across the GTA that hire expert chefs that will show you how to make a variety of dishes.  If you like what you eat, you can always take the recipes with you and cook them whenever you feel like it.


Wine bar crawl


If you’re looking to do something a little more exciting than a sit-down dinner, explore the city by going on a wine bar crawl.  Instead of just sticking to one place, you can hop around from bar to bar instead, enjoying some of the finest red and whites they have available.


Go skating


On a low budget, but still want to do something fun and romantic, skating should be at the top of your list this Valentine’s Day.  There are plenty of public skating rinks throughout Southern Ontario, so finding a fairly private area shouldn’t be all that difficult.


Spa Day


If you’re planning on doing something this weekend instead of on Feb. 14, considering spending a full day at a spa with your partner.  This may sound pricey, but there are a ton of packages and deals that can be found online, so your wallet won’t take much of a hit.  If you’ve been stressed at work or just anxious in general, this will be a great way to sit back and relax.