Mazda CX-9 Christmas Tree Farm photo

Are you a real tree person or a faux tree person? My family for the longest timewere real tree people – until recently that is. Every Christmas we’d pack into the car and head out on the hunt. My mom is – and has always been the “tree finder”. She knows what’s good and what’s bad. So obviously she was the perfect person to bring on this mini adventure with the perfect ride, the Mazda CX-9!

Christmas Tree Farm visit Christmas Tree Farm photo Christmas Tree Farm photo Christmas Tree Farm photo

First, let me tell you that as crazy as it looks, yes these photos were taken in DECEMBER – so no, it’s not fall still (but it sure fees like it). We’re really trying to get into the winter spirit here and piled on some winter accessories. Apparently there are a lot of choices when it comes to Christmas trees (who knew). Do you want short needles or long needles? How about dark green or a blue-green? Tall or short? You get the picture! There’s a lot to consider, thank goodness for mothers – they always have the answers.

Christmas Tree Farm photo Christmas Tree Farm photo Christmas Tree Farm photo Christmas Tree Farm photo

My mom and I walked around a local tree farm in York Region looking at all the different trees. Unfortunately, my family switched to a faux tree the last couple of years, so this year I really wanted to re-live that childhood tree hunting experience. With the slow start to winter this year it wasn’t a problem spending some time outside walking around. My mom pointed out which trees she thought were good and all of the different kinds – ‘learn something new every day’ right?

Mazda CX-9 road trip Mazda CX-9 Mazda CX-9 All-Wheel Drive


Mazda CX-9

I thought the Mazda CX-9 would be perfect for this trip because of its size. If we actually bought a tree the CX-9 would easily be able to transport it home. It’s the larger SUV in the Mazda family with the extra 3rd row of seating. One thing I love is the automatic hatch that closes with the push of a button… convenience. The CX-9 is also packed with comfort features from heated seats to easy to use nav system!

Mazda CX-9 Christmas Tree Farm photo Mazda CX-9 Christmas Tree Farm photo

What kind of tree do you have this year?  Let us know on social media with the hashtag #NewMoments!