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Signage Makeover at NewRoads GM


Posted on Jul 18, 2016

NewRoads GM Makeover photo

On my way to work at NewRoads Mazda, I couldn’t help but notice large cranes in front of the NewRoads GM store that I pass by on my everyday route. So I decided to stop by and check it out!

NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo


NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo

NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo

After inspecting a little closer, I could see they were installing signs above the store entrance. The building, which had already undergone changes, was now getting sleek new letters installed.

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo

NewRoads GM Makeover photo

The following day, on my way by, I once again couldn’t help but stare at the NewRoads GM store. However, today it wasn’t the big cranes that drew my intention, it was the fresh and new CADILLAC BUICK GMC and CHEVROLET signage.

The beautiful signs leap off the fresh new facade  each automotive brand. Be sure to check it out at 18100 Yonge Street, Newmarket Ontario – you can’t miss it!

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo


CIAS 2016 Auto Show Re(hub)cap


Posted on Feb 17, 2016

CIAS 2016 Recap - Subaru


The 2016 Canadian Auto Show is on this week (12th – 21nd) and we had a sneak peak the day before it opened to the public for some exciting reveals! Check out below to see what the NewRoads brand had in store!


Canadian International Autoshow - Mazda

Canadian International Autoshow - Mazda

Canadian International Autoshow - Mazda



First things first, congrats to the CX3 for being named AJAC Utility Car of the year! WAY TO GO MAZDA! Anyway, the display featured the MX5 Global Cup car as well as the new CX9 that was unveiled a few months ago. It was exciting to see the new redesigned SUV, and we can’t wait to see it in our show room! The MX5 Global Cup car was also great to see, loving all of the variations of the MX5 that are popping up. Too bad we couldn’t have had a visit form the RX vision!


2016 CIAS Toronto - Subaru

2016 CIAS Toronto - Subaru

2016 CIAS Subaru

2016 CIAS Subaru



Subaru had a lot going on! From the new Hyper Blue colour making an appearance to the new XV Crosstrek Hybrid and the new Impreza concept there was lots to see. Loving the new styling in this Impreza concept, it’s a bit of a difference to their traditional design, and it’s working. Also on display was one of Subaru’s rally cars, it was awesome to see a well used Subie. The vehicle that I was really excited to see that I didn’t expect was the XV Crosstrek HYBRID. That’s right a hybrid Subie. Can’t wait to take this bad bot out for a spin.


2016 CIAS Cadillac

2016 CIAS Cadillac

2016 Toronto Auto Show Chevrolet

2016 Toronto Auto Show GMC



From the runways of New York City and Dubai the Cadillac XT5 made an appearance at this year’s CIAS. The new Cadillac SUV is a nice addition to the line up. Cadillac also revealed the AT6, making it obvious that they are style driven. Chevrolet took some queues from their consumers and announced the new Cruze hatchback and the BoltEV. Buick featured the new Envision (coming to showrooms soon) and the stylish Avenur concept showing that Buick has still got it. The GMC display is always fun to see with their suspended truck allowing you to walk under the vehicle and see all the moving parts.



2016 Toronto Auto Show Kia

2016 CIAS Kia



Personally, I was really excited to visit the Kia set up and see the much-anticipated 2017 Kia Sportage. It was everything I could imagine and more! Kia also revealed a new concept car that will be hitting the showrooms early 2017 named NIRO. The Niro model is a HUV (Hybrid Utility Vehicle) leading the new direction for Kia’s future. These two models showcase the initial future of Kia design and we’re into it! Another pleasant surprise at the Kia display was the #KiaAllStarMVP Turbo Optima – just in time for the NBA all-star weekend in Toronto!


CIAS Kia NBA All-Star car

CIAS Kia NBA All-Star car


Over all the future looks very exciting for our NewRoads brands and the Canadian automotive market in general!



Pumpkin Picking at Round the Bend Farm with the Buick Encore


Posted on Nov 3, 2015

Pumpkin Picking with dog


Some would say this might be one of the most important activities of fall. Going to find a pumpkin, whether it’s at the grocery store, or a local farm it is just something that everyone does during the fall. So, in the spirit of Halloween we decided to get our hands on a few pumpkins via a visit to Round the Bend Farm in the Buick Encore.


Pumpkin Picking with dog


Buick Encore


Pumpkin Picking at Round the Bend Farm


Pumpkin Picking at Round the Bend Farm


Round the Bend Farm is a local farm located in King City. Growing up in Newmarket it’s a place I have vivid memories of, and come fall this is THE PLACE to get the perfect pumpkin.  A quick drive across highway 9 and north on Jane Street, we arrived.  Primarily catered towards kids – Round the Bend Farms is not just a pumpkin patch (because everything is multipurpose now), they also have a petting zoo, a hay bale maze and informative tours for young minds. Another important note, Round the Bend Farm is very animal friendly so we decided to bring my friends dog Astro, along for the ride.  Little did we know of Astro‘s love for pumpkins!


Pumpkin Picking at Round the Bend Farm


Pumpkin Picking at Round the Bend Farm in King City


Pumpkin Picking in Fall


Round the Bend Farm in King City


Picking the perfect pumpkin is sort of like picking a car – you want it to be new, scratch free and (usually) symmetrical. I forgot how heavy pumpkins were, because these bad boys were not easy to haul around. We were so thankful for the carts that Round the Bend provides, and I think Astro liked them too!

Now at Round the Bend they don’t only have the traditional pumpkins, but they also have all types of gourds and coloured squash. You can also find smaller sized pumpkins – even white ones! With so much to choose from you can really follow whatever your heart desires. Even though we went pretty late in the season there were still a ton of great pumpkins left, so it’s never too late (they probably still have plenty)!


Buick Encore


Buick Encore


Buick Encore Grill


Buick Encore


Buick Encore


Disclaimer, I think I love this car. Buick is famously known (like Cadillac) for being your Grandparents car.  Ridiculous. My first test when ever I sit in a new vehicle is really to assess the comfort, and let me tell you, Buicks are comfortable. They have everything in the right spot. I was also really pleased with this cars size. It wasn’t massive, but it wasn’t tiny. We fit 6 pumpkins comfortably in the trunk, and Astro was very happy cruising in the back seat. Equipped with AWD, and a back up camera, the size of this car is perfect for every situation. It’s perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.


Buick Encore



Buick Encore Interior






The 8 Cars you Date in your Life


Posted on Mar 25, 2015

1. The eternal optimist – Kia (all of them)
Rio, Soul the OPTIMA… seriously so happy all the time!
Kia Soul

2. The Outdoorsy one/animal lover – Subaru Outback
Their furry friend will probably ride shotgun over you on the way to the camp sight.

3.The obsessive one – Subaru WRX STI
The Subaru WRX STI is the one who will obsess over everything to the tiniest detail.
Subaru WRX STI photos

4. The high maintenance one – Cadillac ATS
You know that the Cadillac ATS only appreciates the luxury of red wine and rich mahogany.

5. The extremely versatile/flexible one – Chevy
From pick-ups to sedans to sports cars to muscle cars to SUVs, Chevy will be what ever you want them to be.
Chevy Lineup

6. The really mature foodie – Buick Regal
Buick Regal makes you think about life goals, and you know plan for the future. They also only go to 5 star restaurants and are into fancy food trends like kale and bone marrow.

7. The Techy – Mazda
Mazda is that guy/girl who always has the latest gadget. You know that new apple watch? Ya they already have it.

8. The I’M A MAN man – GMC Canyon
Do you need more of an explanation? You sometimes think that GMC is over compensating for something.
GMC Canyon

JD Power Awards Cadillac and Buick Best Customer Service for 2014


Posted on Apr 21, 2014

J.D. Power's latest Customer Service Index Study


Cadillac and Buick have taken the trophies in JD Power’s latest Customer Service Index Study examining satisfaction with dealer service. Surveying more than 90,000 owners and lessees of 2009-2013 model-year cars, the study found that those with pre-paid maintenance packages were ten per cent more likely to buy their next car from the same brand.


Dealer satisfaction scores have improved overall, Cadillac nabbed the luxury segment ahead of Audi and Lexus, taking the crown that Lexus held last year. Buick keeps the mass-market dealer satisfaction win in the family, finishing ahead of Volkswagen and last year’s winner GMC. The study also found that service department use of tablets increased customer satisfaction, as did “best practices” like “providing helpful advice.” Who knew?




2014 Buick Regal Review


Posted on Feb 26, 2014

2014 Buick Regal Review


We still have snow on the ground but spring is right around the corner and that makes me think could there be a better time to talk about Buick’s all-wheel-drive GS . 2014 is the first year Buick has offer the AWD system on this legendary sports sedan and I can tell you after taking it for a drive in the snow this is a great option and a tremendously fun car to drive and can easily help you find new roads.


The 2014 Buick Regal’s face lift has substantially improved the Regal, and the new all-wheel-drive system brings increased stability, launch traction, and all-weather security. The midrange Turbo has been upgraded in every meaningful way, being quicker, more refined, and more efficient than before.


I cannot begin to explain what a joy this car is to drive my best recommendation would be to say enjoy this video and the car is in stock and ready for a test drive come in and experience this for yourself.



Head-up Displays (HUDs) | 2014 Buick LaCrosse


Posted on Nov 4, 2013

Head-up Displays (HUDs) | 2014 Buick LaCrosse


By Douglas Newcomb, MSN Autos


Head-up displays have been available in cars for almost 30 years, but unlike other features that first show up on high-end cars and then trickle down to less expensive models, HUDs still haven’t become widespread.


And HUDs certainly aren’t high-tech, since the illusion of projecting information on the windshield in front of the driver isn’t magic and is literally done with mirrors.


I was impressed with the HUD in the new 2014 Buick LaCrosse I recently test drove because –  beyond giving the driver basic information such as speed, rpm and navigation directions – it keeps drivers informed about other car systems and the potential for accidents.


For example, the HUD in the LaCrosse not only shows cruise control info, but because the car I drove had adaptive cruise control (ACC) it displayed the gap setting for ACC. It also indicates when the ACC system is overridden after the gas pedal is pushed by showing the warning, “No Cruise Breaking, Gas Pedal Applied.” As you can see in the picture below, the warning stands out clearly even in daylight, although the HUD is not as easy to see in bright sunlight.


Perhaps even more importantly, the HUD gives the driver warnings from the lane departure warning and forward collision alert systems (as seen in the photo above). While some of the information displayed in the HUD is repeated in the LCD instrument panel a few inches below, having this info in your face keeps a driver’s eyes on the road.


And that second or so saved by not having to look down could mean the difference between avoiding an accident or being involved in one.


Head-up Displays (HUDs) | 2014 Buick LaCrosse



2014 Buick Regal Review | Globe and Mail


Posted on Oct 30, 2013

Buick Regal 2014 Review Photo


By Petrina Gentile, Globe and Mail


In the five years since Buick started revamping its vehicle lineup, the average age of buyers has dropped seven years, officials say; they’re also quick to point out it is the only brand in North America to see such a drop.


While the average age of a Buick Regal buyer is 55 (45 for a Regal GS buyer), the company hopes to attract younger buyers with a redesigned 2014 mid-size sedan that gets fresh styling, a fancier cabin, more safety gadgets, an available all-wheel-drive system and an all-new turbocharged four-cylinder engine with better power and improved fuel economy.


One strong selling point is price. The Regal starts at $33,095 for the base FWD model, which is well equipped with fog lamps, cruise control, 18-inch alloy wheels, a rear-view camera, an eight-inch colour touch screen, power windows, leather seats and heated front seats. Add AWD and the price is $35,375. Besides the base Regal, you can get the Premium I, Premium II, and GS models – the most expensive costs $40,650 for the GS FWD and $42,925 for the GS AWD.


There are two powertrains. The new standard 2.0-litre, turbo, four-cylinder produces 259 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque – 18 per cent more power than the outgoing 2013 Regal Turbo. Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, it also delivers a 17-per-cent improvement in city fuel economy over the Regal Turbo. The second engine is a carryover – the 184-hp, 2.4-litre four-cylinder with eAssist light-hybrid – which wasn’t available for testing.


Driving through Cincinnati and northern Kentucky, the new 2.0-litre turbo powering my Regal Premium II FWD tester was a dream to drive on the winding roads. Nail the throttle and the power is instant. The ride is refined, smooth and comfortable. It feels composed and secure; there’s no body roll and the noise and vibration has been significantly reduced. The steering, however, feels a little light at times.


Switching to the Regal GS AWD tester was more exciting thanks to a drive control system that lets you switch between different driving modes – standard, sport, or GS – each offering tighter suspension and swifter steering response. The result was quick acceleration, agile road manners and a spirited ride, especially in GS mode. The six-speed automatic was smooth – shifting gears seamlessly. You can also get a six-speed manual, but it’s only available on the GS FWD model.


The GS’s styling is distinct and sharper than its siblings. The front fascia includes big bold vertical air intake slots while the rear has funky satin-metallic trapezoidal exhaust outlets, rocker panel extensions and a rear spoiler extension. It also has a lowered ride height and beefy 19-inch aluminum wheels, which give it a muscular stance (20-inch wheels are also available). The other trims have a more conservative, yet attractive design with new headlamps, standard LED daytime running lamps and a revised grille. At the rear, a new chrome accent runs horizontally across the back, bridging the LED wing-shape tail lamps to give the sedan a wide, elongated stance.


Also new for 2014 is an advanced all-wheel-drive system. It’s a fully automatic on-demand system with electronic limited-slip differential and standard HiPer Strut front suspension. Electric power steering is now featured on all models.


The cabin is spacious and dressier with a new steering wheel, and redesigned central instrument panel and console. An eight-inch colour touch-screen radio with Buick’s next-generation IntelliLink is simplified with fewer buttons – seven compared with the previous 17. You can swipe through screens as you would on a tablet or smartphone.


The Regal seats five, but be careful getting into the rear seats. I smacked my head every time I entered the back seats. Once inside, it’s comfortable with ample head and legroom for rear-seat passengers. The front seats are well-bolstered and supportive; they keep you in place while whipping around corners quickly. Ice-blue ambient lighting creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere in the cabin, especially when driving at night. The trunk space, at 402 litres, is small compared with the competition, but you can still squeeze in your weekly grocery bags without issue.


The Regal comes with more safety technology, too. But it’ll cost extra for the two optional packages. The Driver Confidence 1 package comes with lane departure warning, side blind zone alert and a rear cross-traffic alert; while the Driver Confidence 2 package adds collision preparation (with collision mitigation braking) and full-speed-range adaptive cruise control that works in stop-and-go traffic.


The 2014 Buick Regal rolls off the line at GM’s assembly plant in Oshawa, Ont. – another strong selling point for this value-packed sedan.


Tech Specs: 2014 Buick Regal


Type: Five-passenger mid-size sedan


Price range: $33,095-$42,925


Engine: 2.0-litre, turbocharged, four-cylinder


Horsepower/torque: 259 hp/295 lb-ft


Transmission: Six-speed automatic or six-speed manual (on the GS FWD only)


Drive: Front-wheel or all-wheel


Fuel economy (litres/100 km): 11.2 city/7.8 highway (FWD-auto)


Alternatives: Acura TSX, Volkswagen CC, Volvo S60, Lexus IS 250, Infiniti Q50, Audi A4, BMW 3-Series




2013 Buick Encore Review | Toronto Sun


Posted on Oct 21, 2013

2013 Buick Encore Review Photo


By Glen Woodcock, Toronto Sun


There’s a TV commercial for the 2013 Buick Encore I really love. And I guess a lot of other people like it too, because it’s been running now for months and months.


It’s the one where the right-sized Encore SUV is shown navigating city streets filled with dinosaurs – big ones – nimbly driving around and through their legs as they squash parked cars and knock over fire hydrants with their tails.


“The age of the oversize luxury car is about to give way to a smarter breed,” says the voiceover. That smarter breed, of course, includes Encore.


I find this commercial interesting because it was the oversize luxury car – especially monster SUVs like Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon Denali – that sustained General Motors for a long while.


But the rules they are a-changing. Fleet fuel economy numbers must, by law, improve drastically by 20xx.


So luxury cars are being downsized – luxury SUVs too. And Buick is not alone in recognizing this trend.


Encore looks good from all angles, but the severe kick up at the rear makes it almost impossible for shorter drivers (like my wife) to park, even with the rearview camera. However, the driver’s view to the front and sides is terrific.


In another happy application of GM’s global engine, the Encore’s turbocharged Ecotec 4 offers adequate performance while not burning a lot of fuel. It’s the only engine available and, coupled to GM’s universal 6-speed automatic, makes 138 hp at 4,900 rpm and 148 lb-ft. of torque at 1,850.


The electronic throttle responds well and the touring suspension helps Encore’s handling – whether dodging dinosaurs or potholes.


Although the automatic AWD system may not be built for real off-roading, it can handle all kinds of weather and road conditions and is equipped with traction control and electronic stability control.


Encore is built by GM’s South Korean division on the same platform as the Chevrolet Trax and Opel Mokka. The old Dae Woo operation is catching up to Hyundai and Kia for build quality. Encore’s attractive interior matches those in pricier GM products and has some handy storage spots, including one for a cellphone on the driver’s left.


Our tester’s cabin is black leather with dark woodgrain trim and would look even classier in one of the available lighter shades of leather/woodgrain.


Passengers sit very upright in the 60/40 split rear seats but have decent knee- and foot-room. It’s quite comfy for two back there, with cupholders in a fold-down centre armrest.


Up front, the bucket seat’s 6-way power controls are fiddly. But when you finally do get it where it fits your body there are two memory settings.


Cargo space is less than either VW Tiguan or Mercedes-Benz GLK Class. With the rear seats upright, Encore holds 533 litres. When they’re folded forward, carrying capacity increases to 1,371 litres.


In base Convenience trim, Encore pricing starts at $27,130.


Fact file:  2013 Buick Encore


Trim level: AWD Leather


Price as tested (before taxes): $35,010


Freight/PDI: $1,500


Options on test vehicle: express open sunroof, $1,100; 18-inch chrome wheels, $995; sound package, $775 (includes Bose premium audio system with amplifier, XM satellite radio)


Configuration: front engine/all-wheel drive


Engine/transmission: 1.4L turbocharged I4/6-speed automatic


Power/torque: 138 hp/148 lb.-ft.


Fuel (capacity): regular (53L)


Fuel economy ratings: 8.9L/100 km city, 8.2L/100 km


Observed fuel economy: 8.3L/100 km over 455 km


Warranties: 4 years/80,000 km comprehensive; 6 years/110,000 km powertrain


Competitors: BMW X1; Jeep Cherokee; Mercedes-Benz GLK 350; VW Tiguan


Strengths: style; size; warranty


Weaknesses: poor visibility to the rear; limited cargo space




2014 Buick Regal Review | Toronto Star


Posted on Oct 16, 2013

2014 Buick Regal Review Photo


By Costa Mouzouris, Toronto Star


With Oldsmobile long gone and Cadillac no longer making floaty land-yachts, Buick was next in line to inherit the “old man’s car” reputation.


Well, the 2014 Regal is a good example of how Buick is fighting hard to stave off that stigma.


Manufactured in Oshawa since 2011, the fifth-generation Regal is built on the German Opel Insignia platform. It receives a mid-cycle update for 2014, with subtle exterior changes that include a restyled fascia with a seamless bumper, a larger grille and new headlights, and a new rear bumper and taillights for both the Regal and sportier GS.


But the real changes are beneath the bodywork, where you’ll find a revised version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged inline-four.


The new engine produces 259 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque and is the standard engine in all 2014 Regals, unless you opt for the eAssist model, which gets the same 2.4-litre, naturally aspirated four as the current eAssist.


The new engine produces 39 horsepower more than the current 2.0-litre, but that actually equates to an 11-hp deficit in the GS model, which had different engine tuning in 2013. The GS still has unique engine tuning, and achieves its peak torque 500 revs sooner, at 2,500 r.p.m.


However, there’s even bigger powertrain news for 2014, news that will help aim the Regal’s crosshairs squarely at its midsized competitors from Germany.


A Haldex all-wheel-drive system, with an optional electronic limited-slip rear differential, is now available on all Regals except the eAssist.


The base front-drive Regal starts at $33,095; opting for four driven wheels bumps that to $35,375. The GS AWD model tops out at $42,925. Considering the car’s European lineage, that’s quite affordable compared to midsize sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


A six-speed automatic is standard, and a manual is available on the front-drive GS as a no-cost option.


Unfortunately, that means if you want all-wheel-drive, you’ll have to settle for an automatic. And, to add insult to injury, paddle shifters are not available on any trim level. You can shift the auto transmission manually by sliding the gear shifter to the left and pushing up or down.


Buick’s product planners say too few North Americans opt for manual-shift Regals to justify another variation to the line-up. That doesn’t explain the lack of paddle shifters, though, especially since the main reason Buick includes AWD is for its association with performance-oriented driving.


Buick claims a slight improvement in fuel consumption for the turbocharged engine, the lowest coming from the front-drive manual model at 8.4 L/100 km combined.


That’s only one-tenth of a litre better than the current manual model, but don’t forget there’s an 18-per-cent increase in power. The Regal eAssist, which is a no-cost option when selecting the Premium 1 trim level, is the fuel-economy leader, at 7.0 L/100 km combined.


There’s a new interior, too, and Buick suggests there are 10 fewer buttons for the sound system (now just seven), although for the life of me I can’t see how they got that number.


Nonetheless, there are fewer buttons on the centre stack, as well as a larger, 8-inch touchscreen. There are two instrument configurations, one using a 4.2-inch colour screen between round gauges, and a GS-exclusive display that uses a configurable 8-inch screen and half-moon gauges.


Heated leather seats are standard across the trim levels, as is dual-zone AC, keyless entry, a backup camera and the latest-generation Intellilink connectivity.


I drove both the standard Regal and the GS, and the latter really exemplified just how close Buick has come to Euro-car handling and performance.


Pushing the dash-mounted GS mode switch (there’s also Sport and Touring modes) firms up suspension and steering response, sharpens throttle response and alters transmission shift points. In the AWD version, it also redistributes power between the front and rear axles for spirited driving.


Steering is taut, and there’s barely any body roll through turns. Four-wheel independent suspension compliance is easily on par with non-AMG, M- or S-class German sedans. The only caveat is the lack of paddle shifters, which would really enhance the sporty driving experience. Brembo front calipers also help slow the GS down from speed with vigour, with very communicative brake pedal feel.


The standard Regal, which has no drive modes, holds its own with softer, yet still well-controlled, suspension and lighter steering effort.


Granted the Regal’s American name plate will do little to woo hardcore European car enthusiasts, but beneath its skin lies a European sedan, and there’s little doubt that it is a stellar performer.


2014 Buick Regal


Price: $33,095 to $42,925


Engine: 2.0 L turbocharged I4; 2.4 L eAssist


Power/torque: 259 hp/295 lb.-ft., 182/172


Fuel consumption (L/100 km): 8.4, 7.0


Competition: Audi A4 Quattro, BMW 328i xDrive, Lexus IS250 AWD, Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic


What’s Best: Sporty handling, good bottom-end power, quiet ride.


What’s Worst: No manual box with AWD, no paddle shifters on automatic GS.


What’s Interesting: With the new Regal, the oldest car in Buick’s lineup is now the Verano, introduced in 2012.