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NewRoads Presents Let’s Play Ball


Posted on Aug 12, 2017


Employee Engagement is always top of mind at the NewRoads Automotive Group.  On Sunday August 6th the NewRoads Group of dealerships got together for a friendly game of baseball.

Whether it’s the offseason, the regular season, the playoffs, or you just want to get out and enjoy the game baseball is the way to go.  While we are fully anticipating some scouts in the crowd at our next game we are always looking for more players.  Fun was had by all and we are looking to do it again soon!

A big thank you to Nunzio for organizing the game and Victoria Campbell at the Town of East Gwillimbury for arranging our Diamond.

To learn more about the NewRoads Community Crew and where you might find them next visit www.newroads.ca/community.

What to consider before applying for a Car Loan?


Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Car Loan Tips


If you’re like most people, you’ll likely need to set up some sort of loan to finance your vehicle purchase.


Applying for a car loan may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what you’re doing. Read ahead to get a better understanding of auto loans so you won’t have to worry the next time you buy a car:


Check your credit score


The better your credit, the more favourable loan terms you’ll receive – it’s as simple as that.


To ensure you’re getting the best loan possible, shell out a few bucks and take a look at your credit report. Not only will this tell you your current score, but it will also highlight the issues that could be dragging you down. If some of them are simple problems, take the time to correct them. For instance, if you have a small amount of debt outstanding, pay it off now.


Remember that the higher your score, the lower the interest rate you’ll have.


Budget ahead of time


Make sure you know what you can afford before arriving to a dealership.


The easiest way to budget for a car loan is to check some of your previous bank statements to get a feel for your spending habits. If you find that you’re consistently saving money from month to month, you can probably afford a more expensive car. However, if you noticed that you have little saved up, it may be a good idea to make some adjustments to your spending habits, or look for vehicles that fit your financial situation.


Once you know how much you can afford on a monthly basis, you’ll have a better picture of which loans will work under your budget.


Figure out an appropriate down payment


You’ve heard it before, but you should always strive to make the biggest down payment possible when purchasing a vehicle.


While it’s certainly tough to see your hard-earned savings suddenly disappear, it’s in your best interest at the end of the day. The more you pay up front, the smaller your loan will be, and the less you’ll pay in total interest.


Understand what type of loan is best for you


Far too often, car buyers just don’t quite grasp the type of loan they’re applying for.


Just remember the less you spend today, the more you’ll need to spend tomorrow. While signing up for a deferred payment structure may seem like the best bet, you may be paying more in interest down the road. Of course, this type of loan may make sense if you’re expecting a raise in income in the future, but probably isn’t the best choice for someone who isn’t expecting a raise anytime soon.



NewRoads is driving “Pink Caps For Cancer”


Posted on Sep 12, 2016

New Pink Caps

NewRoads driving “Pink Caps For Cancer”

NewRoads Automotive Group and Fresh Radio have collaborated to raise money and spread breast cancer awareness.

Beginning August 15th, NewRoads will offer customers pink caps for their vehicle tires, in exchange for a small donation towards SouthLake Regional Health Centre.

Not only will donators sport a funky new trend of pink accents on their car, they will be showing support for the many people who have battled or suffered from breast cancer.

NewRoads recognizes that many people have known someone who has been touched by breast cancer and hopes that by distributing Pink Caps, greater recognition and awareness will echo throughout October, breast cancer awareness month.

Our goal by October 31st is to have 96,000 Caps driving for the cure across York Region.  We’re just getting started and we’ve already raised approx. $5,000!

Visit any NewRoads dealership in York Region to receive your very own Pink Caps and show support for breast cancer.


NewRoads by Day, Makeup Artist Around the Clock


Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Jeff Davis Makeup

Meet Jeff Davis, a dedicated NewRoads employee by day and passionate makeup artist during the evenings and weekends. Jeff has always been fascinated by the power of makeup and how it can transform a beauty into a beast and a beast into a beauty. It gives Jeff joy to help others enhance their features with the magic of make up and he chose to pursue his interest while studying theatre arts. Jeff was working in the financial/corporate world when he decided to take a leap of faith and follow his artistic passion by leaving his job.

This change led Jeff to join the NewRoads call center, a position that would allow him to continue doing make up on weekends, while working a steady job during the week.

Jeff Davis Makeup

Not only does Jeff perform refined makeup expressions for his clients, but he also considers dramatic/theatrical looks a specialty of his. After checking out some of Jeff’s work, I was very impressed with his creative talents. In fact, Jeff is capable of making people look as though they have blisters, bruises, cuts, frostbite, burns and much more. Truth be told, some of Jeff’s work is so realistic that I find it hard to look at because it is so graphic.

Jeff Davis Makeup

If, however, dramatic effects are not for you, Jeff also does lovely make up styles for special events for individuals looking to enhance their natural beauty. Jeff’s philosophy is that makeup is about boosting self-confidence; bringing one’s internal beauty outward.

Recently, Jeff purchased his own NewRoads Mazda and he could not be happier driving around in his CX-3 that sports his company logo. He describes the car as stylish, modern and sexy.

To view some of Jeff’s work or book him to do your very own make up visit his website.

Jeff Davis


PRESS RELEASE: NewRoads Sponsorship East Gwillimbury Sports Complex


Posted on Aug 10, 2016


NewRoads Sponsorship East Gwillimbury Sports Complex

NewRoads Automotive Group enters a sponsorship and partnership with the Town of East Gwillimbury to further develop the East Gwillimbury Sports Complex.

NEWMARKET, September 1st, 2016 – NEWROADS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP and the Town of East Gwillimbury have collaborated to enhance the East Gwillimbury Sports Complex.

The NewRoads Automotive Group plans to display its colourful logo throughout the facility including on the center ice in the West Arena. Along with the ice rink signage and outer décor of the ice re-surfacer, NewRoads will enhance aspects of the facility, including, but not limited to, the digital signboard at the Front Entrance, the doors entering the ice rink arena and various walls within the building.

East Gwillimbury Sports Complex

The President and CEO of NewRoads, Michael Croxon, described his enthusiasm for this collaboration when he said, “I think the partnership with The NewRoads Automotive Group and East Gwillimbury is “a natural.” While all five of our dealerships boarder closely with East Gwillimbury, a significant number of our customers travel south to do business with us. As an organization, we are proud to be heavily involved in the communities we service and look forward to a long association with The East Gwillimbury Sports Complex. To sponsor and have a presence at the Sports Complex is keeping with one of the four pillars that embody our company’s mission statement- community. We are very proud of the growth and success we are seeing in East Gwillimbury and we look forward to driving new memories and continuing to build a strong, healthy, and successful community.”


The Mayor expressed his delight to partner with NewRoads when he said; “We are extremely pleased to have NewRoads part of East Gwillimbury’s growing community. Partnering with a supportive and community focused local business is a step in the right direction as it allows us to provide quality facilities and programs for our residents.”


NewRoads Automotive Group is a leading dealership group in York Region. With strong roots in the automotive industry, NewRoads has been owned and operated by the Croxon family since 1968. Currently with four dealerships, NewRoads Subaru Newmarket, Richmond Hill Subaru, NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC, NewRoads Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and NewRoads Mazda, NewRoads is planning on opening a new Subaru store in Newmarket in the near future. For more information, please visit: http://www.newroads.ca


ts Complex is located in East Gwillimbury at 1914B Mt Albert Rd, East Gwillimbury, ON L0G 1V0. The facility contains two ice surfaces that offer a year round facility for banquets and meetings as well as providing an area for youth hockey, figure skating, and recreational skating. The East arena was constructed in 1972 and the West arena was built in 1998. After renovations in 2012, six new dressing rooms were added along with a new ice surface, a lobby with a lounge, spectator seating, snack bar and pro shop. The 2012 renovation also included fully accessible 2nd floor meeting space and washrooms, new offices for the minor hockey and skating associations and a new 6,000 square foot west-end community hall with banquet service area.

For further information: For all media-related inquiries, please contact:

Kelly Broome, Marketing, Communications and Community Relations Manager,
NewRoads Automotive Group,
E – kelly.broome@newroads.ca
T – 1-855-313-5727


NewRoads Call Centre – Behind the Scenes


Posted on Jul 25, 2016

NewRoads Call Centre

Have you ever wondered who is behind those friendly voices that greet you when you call into a NewRoads dealership? Well, this summer I was fortunate enough to get to know each person responsible for the voices you hear.

When I began my work as a summer intern at NewRoads Mazda, I was placed in a room known as the ‘Call Centre’. Although I wasn’t hired to be a call rep, I would work in this room along with the marketing coordinator and the head of digital communications.

While it may seem like there is a vast amount of people responding to your calls (as the call reps always answer quickly and promptly), in reality, there are just five lovely individuals scheduling your service appointments.

Jeff and Melissa - NewRoads Call Centre

It didn’t take long for me to see that this call center would quickly become a place I look forward to entering everyday, and that the people working there would soon become more than work acquaintances. In fact, on just my third, Elise, the Call Centre Manager, and Melissa, a long time NewRoads employee, invited me to get my nails done with them after work.  Not only were they friendly to this newbie – their relationships extend far beyond the dealership.

Elise - NewRoads Call Centre

Between serving customers and phone calls, they chat about their home lives, families and life in general.  Sharing photos of adorable things their children did the previous night, or collaborating on parenting techniques, the Call Centre team is truly a family in itself.

Elise, the Call Centre manager, is married and the mother of a gorgeous little girl. Elise dresses fabulously and manages the Call Centre with a sense of ease and efficiency. She’s also into fitness, playing baseball, always eating healthy and regularly going to fitness classes with fellow NewRoads employee Melissa.

NewRoads Call Centre

Melissa is best described as a beautiful person both inside and out. With her gorgeous long blonde hair and light blue eyes, she’s brought her lovely presence to NewRoads for 8 years. Customers always appreciate her kind and caring demeanour.

Jeff - NewRoads Call Centre

Jeff brings a positive and fun energy to the Call Centre and it’s easy to become happy after a quick conversation with him. Not only does Jeff work at the Call Centre, he’s also a professional make up artist and does fabulous transformations for his clients. He has one stunning daughter who, in my opinion, is very lucky to have such an awesome dad.

NewRoads Call Centre

At 21 years old, Mykaela is the youngest one in the Call Centre. Her voice is calming and wonderfully enchanting, making it easy to call her over and over again. She’s known for regularly wearing flowery dresses and brings a lovely atmosphere to the room.

Amanda is one of the newer call reps and joined NewRoads a couple months after myself. She has lived in Newmarket all her life and coincidentally happens to be good friends with my cousin. Amanda fits right in with the NewRoads call crew and everyone is excited to have her on the team!

Amanda - NewRoads Call Centre


Signage Makeover at NewRoads GM


Posted on Jul 18, 2016

NewRoads GM Makeover photo

On my way to work at NewRoads Mazda, I couldn’t help but notice large cranes in front of the NewRoads GM store that I pass by on my everyday route. So I decided to stop by and check it out!

NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo


NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo

NewRoads Chevrolet Makeover photo

After inspecting a little closer, I could see they were installing signs above the store entrance. The building, which had already undergone changes, was now getting sleek new letters installed.

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo

NewRoads GM Makeover photo

The following day, on my way by, I once again couldn’t help but stare at the NewRoads GM store. However, today it wasn’t the big cranes that drew my intention, it was the fresh and new CADILLAC BUICK GMC and CHEVROLET signage.

The beautiful signs leap off the fresh new facade  each automotive brand. Be sure to check it out at 18100 Yonge Street, Newmarket Ontario – you can’t miss it!

NewRoads Cadillac Makeover photo


Cars by Day, DJ Ray by Night


Posted on Jul 15, 2016

Ray Belanger at NewRoads

Meet Ray Belanger, a NewRoads employee since 2012 and a Disc Jockey since 1984. Four years ago, after being told by friends that he would be perfect for automotive sales, Ray decided to join NewRoads GM. While selling cars and DJing are two very different things, Ray manages to be successful at both. In fact, Ray has brought his musical talent to work by participating in NewRoads events as the DJ.

Ray Belanger DJ in Newmarket

Ray discovered his DJ talent on a whim back in the 80’s and is quick to tell his story, “I was out with some friends when the DJ just got up and walked out. So I jumped in and started playing music and the crowd loved what I was doing – and I loved the response from the crowd. I still DJ once in a while, although not as much as I’m more focused on selling cars.”

Ray Belanger at NewRoads in Newmarket Ontario

After jumping into his first DJ gig (literally) Ray couldn’t resist performing again. He finds “the instantaneous response from the crowd addictive” and continues to share his musical talents with a variety of audiences whenever he can.

Ray’s audience isn’t limited to the English speaking crowd as he actually DJ’s primarily for French social groups in the GTA. Being bilingual gives Ray the ability to DJ both French and English – he last performed at a school dance for the French Teacher’s Federation.

Ray Belanger DJ

Lucky for Ray, most DJ gigs happen on weekends or after NewRoads hours, so he’s able to balance both talents with ease.


NewRoads Technician by Day, Car Enthusiast by Night


Posted on Jul 6, 2016

Chrysler Technician and Car Enthusiast


Daniel Earle is a long time Chrysler employee, who works at our NewRoads Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership. Daniel’s passion for cars goes far beyond his job, as he regularly devotes his extra time to improving his vehicle.


Both solely and with a group of friends who call themselves the “Boosted Creations,” Daniel has worked on his car to modify features and make it stand out from the crowd. In fact, every Tuesday Daniel attends the “Hwy 11 Cruiser” events in which dedicated car fanatics meet to show off what modifications or in their words, “mods,” they have done to their car.


Chrysler Technician and Car Enthusiast


Daniel rolls up to the Hwy 11 Cruiser in his eblue SRT4 Neon, which he got in 2014 and has been ‘modding’ it ever since. He describes the many changes he has made that include a “3 inch Magna Flow Cat Back Exhaust, a 3 inch Down Pipe off Turbo, TWM Short Throw Shifter, Greedy Type R/S Blow Off Valve, Mopar 3D Retro Tail Lamps, 60 MM Mpx Throttle Body, and black housing headlamps. It also has a K&N Typhoon Long Ram cold air intake, Samco Silicone Rad Hoses and hot pipe and cold pipe blue hoses, Compstar Alarm and all the interment cluster light have been changed to blue LEDS.


Of all the alterations Daniel has done, his favorites are the magna flow exhaust and the greedy blow off valve, as it “makes the car sound mean on the street and really makes people turn their heads to see what is coming up the road.”


eblue SRT4 Neon


However, Daniel didn’t always turn heads with the dream car he drives now. He describes the experience of buying his first car, “The first car I bought was when I was 19 and it was a 1984 S10 pick up that was older then I was, but I loved it none the less. It was my first car and really my love for customizing a car started with that truck as I changed a lot of the interior pieces to be a different colour and changed it from a bench seat to bucket seats. I even added a roll bar in the box that I made fit from my grand fathers old Dakota that he was retiring and taking off the road.”


eblue SRT4 Neon


Following his dodge, Daniel purchased the car he drives now, (his 2014 SRT4 Neon) – named “Sonic Witch.” Daniel says, “I’ve always grown up with a Dodge background, for as long as I can remember my family drove and owned dodges. Back in 2013 my father was buying a car at S&B in Keswick and they had a brand new SRT4 in blue on their lot that I instantly fell in love with. Since then I always told myself I would own one, one day.”


There are still some modifications Daniel plans to complete and he concluded that “car modifying is a work in process, it’s a passion that runs deep with me and true love for the car.”


2016 Spirit of NewRoads Awards


Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Spirit of NewRoads Awards in Newmarket

Each year the NewRoads Automotive Group acknowledges a individuals from each dealership who exemplify the values of a former NewRoads employee – Steve Nash.  These values include (but are not limited to) enthusiasm, energy, humour, and the unique ability of raising the game of those around them.

Each of our dealerships vote for the team member they feel embodies the NewRoads spirit as well as these attributes to pick the winners. This year, our winners are the ones that go above and beyond, and make a positive impact in the day-to-day life at their dealership.

Congratulations to our 2016 Spirit of NewRoads winners!

NewRoads Mazda Winner: Doug Higgs

NewRoads Mazda Winner: Doug Higgs

Richmond Hill Subaru Winner:  Leon Verbon (4-time winner!)

Richmond Hill Subaru Winner: Leon Verbon (4-time winner!)

NewRoads GM: Jennifer Newlove and David Smirle (Our first ever tie!)

NewRoads GM: Jennifer Newlove and David Smirle (Our first ever tie!)

NewRoads Kia of Newmarket Winner: Justin Patterson

NewRoads Kia of Newmarket Winner: Justin Patterson

Spirit of NewRoads Awards - Find New Roads

NewRoads Team Awards