Driving Convertible Tips

Tips for driving your convertible this summer

With summer-level temperatures quickly approaching, it’s almost time to take full advantage of your convertible. If you’ve ever driven a convertible before, you know that driving with the roof down is a unique experience. Whether you own a convertible or are just planning on renting one this summer, you should read ahead for some helpful tips:

Don’t put up with rain

If you feel even a few drops of rain, you should roll up the top immediately. Even a small amount of water can damage your vehicle’s interior. In general, you should close the top at any sign of sub-optimal weather.

Protect your eyes

Even if the sun isn’t out, you still need to protect your eyes when the roof is down. While sunglasses are primarily used to block out the sun’s rays, they can also be used as protection against debris that may come flying into your vehicle.

If you don’t have your sunglasses on you, it is recommended that you leave the roof up for the duration of your trip. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with insects and/or dirt potentially flying into your eyes.

Don’t leave the roof down when you park

Always roll the roof back up when you park, even if you’re only running a quick errand. If you forget, you’re giving anyone who walks by the opportunity to rummage through your glove box for valuables. A rolled down convertible is just about the easiest target for a potential thief.

Secure loose items

Driving with the roof down means you’ll be dealing with a high level of wind force. This could cause items to fly out of your vehicle if they’re not tightly secured. Important items such as your phone and/or wallet should be placed inside your console to ensure they’re properly contained.

Wear sunscreen

If know you’ll be driving for a while, you should make sure to apply sunscreen before you begin your journey. Otherwise, you could end up looking like a lobster by the time you arrive at your destination.

Don’t leave garbage behind

Unless you want your garbage flying everywhere when you hit the gas, you should constantly remind yourself not to leave any trash behind when you exit your convertible.

Always buckle up

While you should always buckle up no matter what vehicle you’re in, wearing your seat belt is even more important in a convertible. Since there’s no roof to hold you inside, you have a higher chance of getting thrown from the vehicle in the event of a collision.

Contain your pets

If you’re driving with your dog or another small pet with the roof down, you’ll want to ensure they’re restrained. Ideally, they should be placed in a portable pet cage at all times.

If there’s any sudden noise or movement, your dog may get scared and accidentally jump out of your vehicle.