Why Replace Your Cracked Windshield


While almost all problems with your vehicle should be handled immediately, many drivers make the mistake of waiting too long before dealing with the issue at hand.  A cracked windshield is one of the most common problems that drivers refuse to deal with right away, despite the number of concerns that can arise from just having a chip in your window.




While a small crack may not obstruct your vision significantly, it will still reduce your ability to see to some degree, which in turn will affect your safety.  Seeing as many accidents occur as the result of slow reaction time, it would be foolish to willingly impede your vision when you drive. Even if you can see the traffic ahead of you completely fine, you may still have difficulty seeing the rest of your surroundings, such as potholes.


Play it safe, and fix the chip right away to prevent any new problems from arising.




Fixing a small crack may seem like a big waste of money, but it’s likely that you’ll end up saving your dough in the long run by doing so.  Chances are the crack will spread if you choose not to fix it right away, and it will cost you more to repair a bigger crack. Should you allow the problem to linger even further, you could be stuck replacing your entire windshield.


Be proactive, and have a technician look at it as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary long-term fees.




Not only is a windshield far more expensive to replace, but it will also cost you more time. Fixing a small chip could be completed by the end of your lunch break, while a new windshield is almost guaranteed to take a technician a few hours to finish.


In fact, there are a number of mobile windshield repair companies out there who will come to you and repair your windshield in your driveway or at your office while you continue with your day.


Resale Value


Assuming you eventually plan on either trading in your vehicle when you’re done with it or selling it privately, you’ll want to have your windshield fixed to increase your car’s resale value. Seeing as the eventual cost you’ll incur will only increase the longer you wait, it’s illogical to refuse to fix the problem immediately.


Avoid a ticket


Depending on how big your crack is, you could actually earn a ticket if an officer believes that you’re driving with a windshield that impairs your vision.


Should I fix it myself?


While fixing a chip yourself can certainly save you a few bucks, it’s in your best interest to take your car to a technician unless you have a strong idea of what you’re doing. If you accidentally mess up, you could end up paying much more than you bargained for.