Wiper Blades - Summer vs Winter

Wiper Blades – Summer vs Winter



Many drivers do not switch their wiper blades from summer to winter during the colder months. While this may appear to be a good idea since you’ll be saving money, it’s really not a smart thing to do in the long run, especially when the weather is bad outside.


There are a few key differences between summer windshield wipers and winter blades. Unlike normal summer blades, winter wipers have a protective layer made out of rubber that allows them to keep on working, even if it is icy or snowy outside. A summer wiper will freeze up and won’t be able to move if the weather is too foul.


Another difference between the two is the weight. Summer blades are much lighter since they are really only used to get rain off of your windshield. Winter wipers are much stronger as they are built to handle heavy snow and freezing rain.


Failing to change your wiper blades in the winter can be very dangerous. Not only will it take you much longer to begin your commute in the morning, but you can also be at risk if a serious storm comes your way when you’re on the road. If you can’t see the road ahead, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting into an accident. Therefore, it’s very important that you switch your wiper blades this winter.