Bruce’s Mill Forest…er

Bruce’s Mill in Stouffville road trip with the Subaru Forester
Summer is all about discovery, and we’re all about discovering amazing local spots! Tucked away in Stouffville is Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area.  Spreading to 267 acres in size and only 10-20 minutes from our Richmond Hill Subaru location, Bruce’s Mill feels like you have traveled hours to Northern Ontario. From hiking trails to great picnic spots, a BMX track and the very coveted Tree Top trekking, Bruce’s Mill has it all. In the winter it plays host to the annual Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival!  (YUM)
Bruce’s Mill Stouffville road trip with the Subaru Forester
Bruce’s Mill road trip with the Subaru Forester
We took a quick trip up to Bruce’s Mill with the 2015 Subaru Forester, nothing fits better than a Subaru and an Adventure! I’d personally never been to Bruce’s Mill before but I was lucky enough to bring along someone very familiar to the area. When you enter the park you’re greeted with a drive through a tunnel of trees. I found this tunnel very fitting, almost like it was transporting us to some divine oasis – you enter one side and you come out and everything has changed. Bruce’s Mills give off a very interesting vibe, you get a mix of nature with a little bit of industrial. In a surreal sense, you see nature slowly taking back the environment.
Bruce’s Mill road trip
Exploring Bruce’s Mill photo
Exploring Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area in Stouffville photo
Bruce’s Mill Subaru Forester road trip photo
We drove through and stumbled upon the old Bruce’s Mill main building. With the sign still intact, it was the perfect spot to park and do some exploring. We walked behind the old broken down building, followed a path to arrive at the most beautiful large tree (I am talking Lion King realness tree here). I was completely surprised by how extreme the presence of nature was in this place, though I shouldn’t have been because with 1.2 hectares of wetlands, and 44 hectares of mixed forest it only makes sense (maybe my surprise came because of its proximity to the hustle and bustle). We also came across a river that looked to have once been contained by a concrete structure but now runs free. It really goes to show that you don’t have to go far to escape for a little while.
Bruce’s Mill Subaru Forester road trip photo
Relaxing at Bruce’s Mill in Stouffville photo
Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area in Stouffville photo
The Subaru Forester was ideal for this trip. Being a compact SUV it was easy to navigate through the tight roads. We easily took it off the beaten path to do a little exploring of our own too. One of my favourite features of this vehicle is the trunk. Now I’m not just talking about the trunk space (though it’s definitely worth mentioning), but I’m a big fan of the power lift gate. It makes opening and closing the trunk a dream! The Forester can carry everything you’d ever need for an adventure like this.
Bruce’s Mill Subaru Forester photo
Subaru Forester photo
Subaru Forester XT photo