Buick and GMC Intellilink System

Buick and GMC Intellilink System
Buick GMC Intellilink System is the new infotainment system that makes driving easier and more enjoyable. When you’re in your vehicle, you’ll be able to make calls, listen to the radio or play your iPod through voice-activated controls.
Intellilink comes with a high-resolution, full-colour touchscreen that’s installed in your vehicle. Owners will be able to do plenty of cool things with Intellilink such as; control their rear-view camera, upload files from a USB and even create their own personalized radio station.
Even without a smartphone, owners of Intellilink can still benefit from the infotainment system. Drivers will be able to concentrate on the road better through Intellilink’s voice recognition technology. As well, they benefit from OnStar’s on-screen turn-by-turn directions.
Overall, Intellilink makes driving easier and safer. Owners will fall in love with GM’s new infotainment system as they find their time on the road a lot more enjoyable.