Cadillac at New York Fashion Week

New York Fasion Week
Cadillac x NYFW  –  #StyleDriven
New York Fashion Week is not only for Mercedes any more! Cadillac took the drivers seat over the past week and collaborated with some top fashion brands in a unique way.
Over the past week thousands of fashion enthusiasts swarmed to New York city in sights of New York Fashion Week. Now it is not just the clothes that make up this inspiring week, it is also the lifestyle. People are drawn to the bliss of luxury and all of the glory that comes with fashion week. This season, Cadillac got itself involved in some pretty unique ways. From runway shows to custom cars Cadillac really showed what its like to be #StyleDriven.
Cadillac transformed their New York office into an incredible runway, allowing the up and coming designers of Public School to take the stage. Later on in the week their space was opened up again for the J Mandel show. Their ERL car was also featured during fashion week when the label Cadet transformed it into a vintage fighter jet on New York Men’s Day. These exciting collaborations are not a surprise coming from Cadillac, the brand is taking a thrill turn in their advertising and we are excited to be a part of the ride!