Can I use my Snow Tires Year-Round?

Can I use my Snow Tires Year-Round

Are snow tires ok to drive on all year-round?

While almost every Canadian driver knows the benefits of snow tires, some question whether they should use them year-round.  Although winter tires may be the number one option in the colder months, they’re not nearly as effective when the temperature rises.
Here are some reasons why you should avoid using snow tires during the rest of the year:
Uneven wear
While winter tires can usually last for several seasons, they likely won’t last a calendar year if you choose to use them in the summer.  Since snow tires are softer than regular all-season tires, they naturally wear out more quickly and less evenly.
Fuel Efficiency
Since winter tires aren’t designed for hot pavement, they generally don’t roll as efficiently as all-season tires, causing your fuel economy to decrease. So if you’re thinking it’s cost effective to simply keep your snow tires on year-round – think again.
Poor Performance
It should go without saying, but winter tires are meant for the winter.
While they certainly provide better grip when it’s snowy and icy outside, they really aren’t made to be used on hot and dry pavement. If you choose to use them in the summer months, you’ll find that your handling starts to deteriorate.
Using winter tires year-round may seem like a good way to save a couple bucks, but it likely isn’t nearly as cost-effective as you may think.  While you can certainly save money on switching costs, the fact that your fuel economy will be lower means you may not be saving that much at all.
Using them year-rouind means your tires will wear out more quickly (especially in the warmer months) meaning you’ll be replacing those tires far more frequently. Add in the fact that using winter tires in the summer isn’t all that safe, and it really doesn’t make sense to keep them on when the temperature warms up.
When should I switch them?
There’s no exact date for when you should switch your winter tires, but generally speaking, the key temperature is 7 degrees.  Once it drops below that, its time to get them on.
At the end of the day, snow tires are awesome when the weather’s cold, but they are also not the perfect tire, which is why it’s smart to only use them for their intended use.