Car Add-ons You Need

Car Add-ons You Need
There are countless add-ons available when you purchase a vehicle. While some may not be necessary, others are essential to staying safe, being comfortable and keeping everyone entertained while you drive.
A navigation system is crucial not just for getting around, but also for keeping you safe. Many systems now allow you to connect with your mobile phone so you can make a call hands-free. As well, navigation systems such as OnStar sense if you’ve been in a crash, so you can receive help even if you’re stuck and cannot call for assistance yourself.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is one of the best, if not the top safety feature available. Since it works to help ensure that you don’t lose traction, it is especially useful during Canadian winters. If you living in a colder climate, ESC is essential to keeping you safe behind the wheel.
Finally, satellite radio is one of the best ways to keep you and the other passengers entertained inside your vehicle. With hundreds of stations available and no commercials, you won’t have to keep switching the station to try and find something you like.
Patrick Britton