Car Safety for your Children

Car Safety for your Children
There’s nothing more important than your children’s safety so it’s vital that they know how to behave in and around vehicles. Making sure your children are aware of the proper safety around cars will help you to worry less and reduce stress.
If your children are playing outside and a ball or toy happens to go across the street you retrieve it for them if possible. If you have your hands tied, make sure they wait for the ball/toy to stop moving and have them walk along the sidewalk until they are directly opposite the ball. From there, they should make sure there are no cars coming before crossing the street to retrieve the toy.
When you’re dropping your kids off for school or picking them up, make sure they get in and out on the side that’s closest to the sidewalk. If your kids are still very young, you should get out of the car with them and walk them to the school entrance or play area.
You should never start your vehicle until you’re sure your children’s seatbelts are on and they’re in their car seats. Failing to do so is extremely dangerous and your child would be in severe danger if you go into an accident.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger