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Car Seat Buying Tips



When it comes to shopping for your new-born child, buying a car seat will be one of the most important purchases you will make. Since your child’s safety is so important, you’ll need to determine which seat will keep your baby the safest behind the wheel.


An infant car seat is most likely the safest option available, as it is specifically designed for a newborn child. Rear-facing seats are a must until your child is two years old, so your infant seat should still last you a couple years.


While infant car seats only face the rear, convertible car seats are able to face both forwards and backwards. While these will save you money as your baby grows into a toddler, they are not as safe for newborn children and are also not compatible with strollers. It’s better to spend the extra money so you can be assured that your child is as safe as possible.


Similar to the convertible car seat is the all-in-one car seat. Although this selection can probably last until your child no longer needs a car seat, it is not as safe as the other two options and is far less convenient for smaller babies. It is not recommended that you purchase this type of car seat.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger