Carpooling | Car Tips



There are many advantages to carpooling. Read ahead to learn how it can help to save you money, reduce emissions and help to speed up your commute.


One of the biggest reasons for carpooling are the savings on gas. If you carpool with two other people and have a significant commute, you could be saving over a hundred dollars every month. Not only that but you won’t have to be filling up your gas as often in the morning. This will save you time by making your commute shorter.


Another advantage to carpooling are the environmental factors. The fewer vehicles on the road, the lower the amount of emissions. Lowering greenhouse gases is a very important thing right now and carpooling is one of the easiest ways to help decrease them.


Sometimes work can be stressful. You probably shouldn’t be driving when you’re stressed out so allowing someone else to drive will keep you safer behind the wheel.


Finally, since many carpool lanes exist, your drive to work may be much quicker. Not being stuck in traffic with all the other individual drivers may help to reduce stress in the morning and may allow you to sleep in a little more.


Patrick Britton