Cheap ways to make your car more Green

Cheap ways to make your car more Green
You don’t necessarily need to splurge on a hybrid vehicle to help the environment. Read ahead to find cheaper ways to make your vehicle greener.
The least expensive way to help make your car more eco-friendly is to clean out everything you don’t from it. This will help improve fuel efficiency and save you money on gas. The lighter your vehicle is the less it has to work which is why you’ll help its fuel economy.
Another thing you can do is replace your current spark plugs with eco-friendly plugs. This will help reduce fumes by 20 percent. However, make sure you consult your owner’s manual to see if replacing your plugs is a good idea.
Maybe the most obvious way to increase fuel efficiency is to make sure your tires aren’t underinflated. By pumping them you will increase the efficiency of your vehicle and save on gas.
Finally, cleaning your air filter will also make your vehicle greener. Do to this, remove the filter from your car and clean it with a vacuum. This will get rid of the dirt and improve gas mileage significantly. Also, it will not cost you a thing.
Patrick Britton