Chevrolet, Drive the Games!

power of play
As the games are now in full swing it is exciting to see what Chevrolet has been doing in the spirit of Pan Am! From the Chevrolet Beach Volleyball Centre to interactive games for fans and world record attempts Chevy is going all-in to create the best experience!
The big attraction that Chevrolet has created at the PanAm Park is the world’s largest Volt-powered slot car track. This track uses pedal power generated by stationary bikes and hand cranks to let you race against your friends! Chevy is also after a world record attempt with this track. They want to see if they can beat the record of the most people generating electricity in 1 week!
So what are you waiting for go and join the fun and you could help be a part of a new World Record!  Find more under the hashtags #DriveTheGames and #PowerofPlay.
chevrolet power of play