Why choose winter tires?

Did you know at 7 degrees celsius (the same temperature you start to see your breath) all season and summer tires start to lose their elasticity, winter tires are made of a different rubber compound and have more cuts in the tread to allow them to keep elasticity and refrain from cracking at lower temperatures. The design of a snow tire allows them to grip cold surfaces with three times the traction of all season tires this allows you to come to a safe stop and start moving again in ⅓ of the distance on snow and ice.
To help maintain stability and control of your vehicle in severe snow conditions, it is important to install winter tires in sets of fours to get the performance benefit of the tires. If winter tires are installed on the front of any vehicle, they must also be installed on the rear. all 4 tires must be the same to allow systems such as ABS to work properly.