Choosing the Right Tire Size

Choosing the Right Tire Size
It’s important to know what size of tire is right for you and your vehicle. The size of your tires can affect many aspects of driving including braking, acceleration and handling. Read ahead to learn which type of tire is most appropriate for your vehicle.
Having a wide tire can help to improve both acceleration and braking. This is because a wider tire will increase the amount of contact with the road. However, since there will be some excess tire bulging over because the tire is larger than the wheel, your handling will not be as good.
Low-profile tires will give you improved handling, but they do have their drawbacks. Although they are better for turns and bends, they are not good if you’re driving through uneven terrain such as potholes. In fact, if the hole is large enough it can dent the wheel, and in rare cases cause a blowout. If you live out in the country, low-profile tires are not the right choice for you.
Remember that it is not safe to have a tire that is too large for your vehicle. This can cause wheel rub which can cause your tire to blow out if you’re not aware of the damage it is causing.
Patrick Britton