Clutch Control Tips

Car Clutch Control Tips
By definition, “clutch control” is controlling the speed of the vehicle using manual transmission. Car owners with manual control should know how to properly use the clutch in order to be a safe and better driver. Here are some clutch control tips…
A clutch separates the car engine from the wheel. This allows you to stop your vehicle without stalling the engine, move smoothly from a stopped position and allows you to change your gears smoothly.
You should use the clutch in four different ways: changing the gear, controlling the car at a slow speed, moving off and stopping. Clutch control allows you control acceleration when you are driving at a low speed and lower the acceleration when you are starting from a stopped position.
With a manual transmission, it’s important to note to use the clutch more slowly, but rev up the engine more than usual. You should use the clutch when it’s snowy or rainy out so you can prevent stalling the engine. Failure to do so could cause your vehicle to spin out of control.
Over time you may notice your clutch start to slip. This means that it’s worn out from the friction and you’ll need to replace it. Get this done as quickly as possible to ensure optimal safety behind the wheel.
Patrick Britton